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What is Neck Tightening Surgery?

For those who complain about fat, wrinkles, sagging and loosening in the neck area, “What is neck tightening?” It would be helpful to explain the question. Problems such as sagging and wrinkles in the neck area can be observed in almost everyone. The method used to completely eliminate these problems is called the stretching method. The purpose of this procedure is to remove fat, sagging and wrinkles from the area called the jowl area, which is located at the bottom of the chin. The procedure applied is a surgical procedure and is based on the removal of excess tissues in the area.

The operations applied to correct the problems in the neck skin that occur during the process are implemented to correct the deformations in this area. The process is completed by removing the unwanted fat and stretching the muscles under the neck skin. If desired, this process can be done alone or together with procedures such as filling and botox.

Those who want to stretch the neck area first come together with the specialist who will perform the procedure. The patient informs the surgeon about what he or she is complaining about in the neck and face area. As a result, an accurate roadmap can be determined. The surgeon who will perform the operation determines the cause of the problems in the neck area and decides which procedure to apply. Because there are multiple methods used to correct the problems in this region. Considering the neck structure of the patient, one of these methods is preferred. We can list these methods as follows:

  • repairing the split neck midline,
  • Removal of fat with liposuction,
  • stretching the skin of the neck,
  • Removal of sagging salivary glands.

How Is The Neck Tightening Process?

One of the external appearance problems observed in almost everyone, male or female, is sagging in the neck area. The causes of observed sagging include aging, excessive weight gain, thin skin structure, genetic predisposition, smoking and alcohol use, and too much exposure to sunlight. In order to eliminate this problem, non-surgical neck tightening operation is applied.

Sagging and wrinkles, especially in the neck areas of women and men over middle age, create an uncomfortable result over time. The person who observes sagging and wrinkles on his neck wants to regain his old appearance. In addition, those who have weight problems complain about sagging in this area after losing weight. Those who want to create the beauty of the face and body as a whole, want to apply the stretching method for the neck regions. The neck lift operation performed by a specialist physician eliminates the problems of those who complain of sagging and wrinkles.

Non-surgical stretching procedures applied to the neck include Botox, Mesotherapy, Golden Needle, Ulthera and Thermage. The execution time of these processes is very short. Botox and Mesotherapy procedures take fifteen minutes. In addition, Golden Needle, Ulthera and Thermage processes take an average of one hour. None of these procedures prevent returning to daily life on the same day.

Neck Tightening Healing Process

Those who have aesthetic complaints such as lubrication, sagging and wrinkles in the neck area are wondering about the recovery processes after this operation before the stretching operations. Neck lift procedures are performed in two ways, with and without surgery. First of all, the method that we will talk about the healing process is the surgical method. It should be noted that the neck tightening treatment recovery period is closely related to which procedure is applied. The surgery is performed using general anesthesia. After the operation, a drain is placed on the treated area and the accumulated fluid is removed. The doctor may recommend the use of a corset during the healing process. In this way, the area is kept tight and the healing process proceeds in a healthy way. The inserted drains are removed after a maximum of three days and the stitches are removed at the end of a week. As with any surgical intervention, bruising and swelling may be observed in the area after this operation. This is not something to be afraid of. There may also be medications recommended by your doctor during the recovery process. The use of these drugs is an issue that should not be skipped during the healing process. The recovery time of the non-surgical method is very short. After the procedure, the person returns to his normal life within the same day. His daily life is not interrupted by this process.

Where is Neck Tightening Performed?

Aesthetic and surgical operations should be performed by specialist physicians in full-fledged health centers where all conditions are met and sterile. Otherwise, it can endanger the health of the person. Those who will have a stretching procedure in the neck area should also apply to a reliable and proven center in order to perform this procedure. The Yoo Retouch clinic, which has a staff of specialist physicians and a hospital environment, is a place that can be safely preferred for those who want to have a neck lift. Thanks to our experienced team, patients go through the necessary processes before and after the operation. In this way, at the end of a healthy process from beginning to end, it becomes possible to get rid of fat, sagging and wrinkles in the neck area. In our clinic, we consider everything about your treatment process with all the details and apply it for you. You can return to your normal life in good health after your aesthetic operation with our high-tech tools. If you are complaining about sagging, wrinkles or lubrication in your neck area, you can contact our clinic. With the help of our experienced consultants, you can start your process and have the neck and aesthetic appearance you dream of.

Who Can Have Neck Tightening Surgery?

Neck tightening operation can be applied to anyone who has an aesthetically unpleasant appearance in the neck, which is located between the chin and the beginning of the chest area. Of course, having health problems that will prevent the procedures to be carried out does not make it possible to carry out these procedures. First of all, getting a doctor’s control is a very important issue in the healthy progress of the operation. Generally, deformation is seen in the neck region in people over middle age, in people who gain and lose weight rapidly or who have a genetic predisposition. Neck lift surgery, neck lift procedures performed without surgery can be applied to anyone over the age of eighteen.

Two different procedures are applied in the neck region, surgical and non-surgical. The characteristics of lubrication, wrinkles and sagging in this section are important in determining the appropriate method for the patient. If the patient is at an advanced stage, surgery is performed. If the complaints are in the initial stage, treatment is provided with non-surgical methods. Of course, it should not be forgotten that the behavior of the patient is also important in the success of the procedures. After the operation is completed, excessive smoking and alcohol use should be avoided. If these rules are followed, the desired result will be obtained and success will be achieved.

What are the Neck Tightening Prices?

The prices of the operations are also an important reason for preference for those who want to beautify their face and body. The fact that the operations are very expensive may cause people to stay away from these operations. People are also cautious about neck stretching, which is one of the rejuvenation procedures. Fortunately, the Yoo Retouch clinic makes their dreams come true with the price options it offers. But it wouldn’t make much sense to give precise information about prices.

Factors such as the transactions that the person wants to have, the area where the transaction will be made are an important factor in determining the prices. If you want to have an operation on your neck and are looking for the right address in terms of prices, you can apply to our clinic. After you specify the transactions you want to make, you can get information about the prices. A beautiful, young and healthy looking neck is no longer a dream. Our clinic will make you realize your dreams with the conditions it has.

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