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What is a Needle Free Jet Injector?

Needle free jet injector what is is one of the frequently asked questions. A jet injector can be defined as a precision medical device used to inject painless fluid into the skin or into a hole, stem, or skin connected with needle needles. To pierce the skin and deliver the injection fluid, the device uses a high-pressure jet of fluid powered by a cylinder or cartridge of compressed air or gas. Vaccines, insulin injections, and local anesthetics are the most common uses of jet injectors.

The jet injector is one of the few injectable devices on the market that allows doctors to inject drugs or anesthetics into the skin, deep tissue and body orifices. Unlike needles, needle free injectors can be used in the oral and laryngeal cavities, as well as in the cervix, rectum, nose, ears, and even open wounds and surgical incisions. When a jet injector is used instead of a needle, this capacity provides safer, faster and more enjoyable medical treatments for both the patient and the operator.

Insulin jet injectors have gained popularity in recent years due to their capacity to painlessly deliver the incredibly correct amount of insulin. Some users of the device experience local discomfort, swelling, and bruising at the injection site, while others report no pain at all. Many patients believe that jet injection is much more comfortable than needle injections, especially if needle injections have caused discomfort before.

The jet injector also has the advantages of mobility, low cost and configurable settings. Insulin jet injectors are typically the size of a television remote and are simple enough for small children to use. Unlike buying a continuous syringe for needle injection, once acquired they can be used forever. It also offers multiple settings for different skin types and thicknesses, making the process as painless as possible for the user.

Jet injectors have been used as an alternative to syringes with needles for bulk vaccines and also for diabetics who inject insulin. However, due to the dangers of disease transmission, the World Health Organization no longer recommends jet injectors for vaccination. Other industries use similar machines to inject grease or other fluids.

What are the Needle Free Jet Injection Types?

Jet injector, also known as jet gun injector, air gun or pneumatic injector, is a medical device that penetrates the skin and delivers medication under the skin without the need for a needle. The Needle free jet injector can be single dose or multiple dose. Jet injectors have been replaced over the years to reduce the danger of contamination spreading to later concerns. To reduce the risk, the researchers fabricated the reusable nozzle with a disposable protective cap. The protective cap is designed to protect the reusable nozzle from contact with the patient’s skin.

The cap will be removed after each injection and replaced with a sterile cap. These devices were known as PCNFIs (needleless injectors with protective caps). Kelly and colleagues (2008) discovered that a PCNFI device cannot prevent contamination during a security test. Researchers discovered that after being injected into hepatitis B patients, hepatitis B punctured the protective cap and contaminated the internal components of the jet injector; this suggested that the internal fluid channel and parts that come into contact with the patient could not be properly reused.

Comfort-in in Dentistry

It offers a completely painless and needle-free alternative that provides comfort in anesthesia injection. Comfort-in needle-free injection is fast and effective, saving you time during treatment. Comfort infiltration anesthesia injection, unlike typical needle syringe injection procedures, goes down through the periosteum (bone membrane) and gives local anesthesia. As a result, the anesthetic fluid spreads faster, is absorbed faster and acts faster. When the Comfort-in Needle-Free Injector Device is used, the anesthetic injection diffuses deeper and faster than the needle. The Comfort-in injection system has been tested and shown to be safe for use in all dental procedures except those requiring mandibular anesthesia. In addition, compared to the needle, this approach produces local anesthesia and requires 40% less anesthesia.

What are the Advantages of Needle Free Injection?

During or after the application of this procedure, the person does not experience any discomfort or sensitivity. In addition, the use of the procedure based on the tissue pressure of the person also eliminates the pain due to this pressure. In our Yoo Retouch health center, this application is preferred for many of our patients.

What is the Current Price of Comfort-in Needle Free Injection?

Needle-free jet injection, which can be used in many different areas such as dental treatment, local anesthesia, in adults with diabetes, is one of the applications we prefer in many patients in our clinic. The reasons for our preference are that it is completely painless, does not cause bruising, eliminates the risk of infection, the distribution of the injected fluid in the body is very short, it can be given in variable doses, and it is easy and safe to use. For Comfort-in needle-free injection price information, you can get the opinion of the experts in our clinic or you can get information by contacting us from the contact information.

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