Non-Surgical Face Lift Methods

Thread Lift

It is a method of hanging the skin upwards by entering through the tissue under the skin, thanks to the fishbone-shaped elastic threads. These extremely flexible threads hold tightly to the tissue due to their structure. The number of threads to be used is determined according to the level of loss of skin elasticity. It shows maximum effect in the mid-face area, chin oval and neck area. These threads are made of silicone material that is highly compatible with the skin. There is no risk of any allergies and it maintains its effectiveness for 5 years. It is applied under local anesthesia. Patients do not feel pain during the application. In the early period, slight swelling can be seen at the entry points of the ropes. It is a very comfortable and safe application for patients who are afraid of surgery and do not want to undergo anesthesia.

Silhoutte Soft

Thanks to the cones at both ends, the elastic threads holding the skin tighten the skin that has lost its elasticity by pulling it upwards. It is a softer application compared to the lock hanger. It is produced with silicone material compatible with the skin. There is no risk of allergic reaction. It is suitable for skin with moderate tightness problem.

Focus Ultrasound

With focused ultrasonic sound waves and heat, it melts the fat tissue formed under the skin, focuses and stimulates the tissues under the skin, allowing the skin to be renewed and tightened. The technology, which can be applied to anyone over the age of 30, helps to eliminate the traces of time without the need for surgery. It is very effective in clarifying the facial contour and tightening the mid-face area. The application takes an average of 1 hour and patients can return to their business and social lives after the application. The effect of the application begins to be noticed immediately after the end of the procedure. It can be combined with other medical aesthetic applications such as botox and filling. Patients do not feel pain during the application. The most dominant sensation is temperature. This is not a size that patients cannot bear. It can be applied to all areas of the skin, except around the thyroid gland and supraorbital nerve areas on the eyebrows. It can be applied in all seasons regardless of summer or winter.