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Non-surgical facelift; It is an application that stimulates the formation of collagen under the skin, enabling the skin to renew itself and regain tissue loss. This is the most obvious answer to the question of what is a non-surgical facelift. The facelift protocol, like almost any application, has been designed from the ground up. It is possible to achieve a non-surgical facelift result with a single facelift treatment or mixed facelift applications, depending on various factors such as age, the degree of skin sagging, and the aesthetic proportions of the person’s face. When combined with skin rejuvenation systems, fillers and botox treatments that function by activating the collagen formation with radiofrequency and ultrasonic energy, non-surgical facelift procedures can be achieved quickly and effectively.

Collagen is the basic structural element of the whole body, not just the skin. It makes up one-third of all protein cells in the human body. After the thirties, the body’s collagen production and quality naturally slows down, and this slowdown gradually increases with age. Deterioration and unfortunately aging occur as a result of loss of collagen, which starts from the hair and progresses to the skin, nails, teeth, muscles and bones.

Non-surgical facelift treatments stimulate the skin’s self-healing response by causing low-damage burns in the subcutaneous tissues or infusing vitamins and minerals that stimulate collagen formation under the skin. As a result, the amount of collagen cells, which is the source of the skin’s youth, increases. The subcutaneous tissues are expanded, the skin is tightened and the face is naturally renewed.

What are the Advantages of Non-Surgical Face Lift Procedure?

After skin stretching treatments performed during surgical operations, the patient may stay in the hospital for at least one day and will need a convalescence period until the bandages on his face are removed. Pain and edema are common side effects of cosmetic surgery. Non-surgical facelift procedures are painless, incisionless procedures that can be done during lunch break and do not affect your professional and social life.

  • You get natural results: The tension that starts under the skin with the activation of collagen formation naturally lifts the skin. As a result of the regeneration of the skin, elasticity and natural recovery are provided. It is a natural rejuvenation process that occurs over time as a result of gradual healing. Facial expression does not change before and after a non-surgical facelift, and there is no situation that will prevent you from feeling your face.
  • Long-term results: Since it is a radical tissue regeneration from deep tissues, the rejuvenation of the skin surface as a result of the healing under the skin is long-lasting. After the completion of the non-surgical facelift protocol, it is possible to preserve the effects of the non-surgical facelift for a long time, provided that the skin is protected and maintained with regular care, if there are no factors that cause loss of elasticity and tissue.
  • Unfilled chin effect: The sagging of the jowls or the stretching of the skin from the middle of the face to the jawline cause the youth point to disappear and the bulldog cheek to develop, resulting in an old and exhausted appearance. With non-surgical facelift treatments, the chin and jawline naturally become more prominent, the entire skin is stretched and lifted with the stretching process, and the face oval is recovered.
  • Mid-face lift: In cases of mild sagging, achieving a very successful cosmetic change with only a mid-face lift is often the best facelift technique. Non-surgical facelift treatments and mid-facelift will both satisfy you aesthetically and provide anti-aging protection, especially if there is early facial sagging or if the mid-face tissues are weak due to genetic factors. Such non-surgical facelifts are very practical and the results of non-surgical facelifts are generally very satisfactory.
  • Low prices: Non-surgical facelift costs are quite affordable compared to plastic surgery fees. One of the most important advantages of non-surgical facial rejuvenation is its low cost.

What are Non-Surgical Face Lift Methods?

The demands of the skin to which non-surgical facelift treatment will be applied are defined by the skin type and patient expectations and are applied within the protocol developed accordingly. By taking advantage of the new medical aesthetic technology, it is now much easier to ensure that time passes without leaving a trace on your face.

1) HI-FU Non-Surgical Face Lift; Focused high-intensity sound waves concentrate on the tissue at the appropriate depth under the skin, causing burns and causing controlled damage. Hifu uses its adjustable head to reach varying depths under the skin to shoot at the desired location without damaging the skin’s surface. Collagen synthesis is induced in deep tissues by targeted high heat. You can learn more about the application from our experts in our Yoo Retouch clinic. Wait at least 15 days for the regeneration under the skin to expand the skin surface. After the non-surgical face lift treatment with HI-FU Focused Ultrasound, the skin continues to self-repair and produce collagen for 3 to 6 months. Those who have a hifu facelift should consider these periods in order to see the final effect. After the application, you will see that the sagging skin improves as you watch your face age day by day.

  • HI-FU is used on the entire face as it has great effects in skin stretching and rejuvenation.
  • Defines the oval of the face, draws attention to the chin and jaw line.
  • Since it lifts the forehead, it creates a lifting effect on the eyebrows.

As you watch your face age day by day, you will notice that the sagging skin is improved after the application.

2) Non-Surgical Face Lift Using Jersey: Working with the basic principle of giving concentrated radiofrequency energy to the deformed collagen fibers in the lower layers of the skin, the Jersey Application stimulates the formation of collagen and guarantees that the damaged collagen fibers regain their original shape. After a while, when the fibroblast cells forming the subcutaneous tissue are stimulated, new collagen cells begin to grow in the subcutaneous tissue. Due to the remodeling of the lower layers of the skin caused by Forma Plus concentrated radiofrequency therapy:

  • Facial oval is restored,
  • The skin around the eyes, neck, jowl, décolleté and the entire face is tightened,
  • Increases skin elasticity,
  • Facial expressions become younger,
  • Moisture content of the skin increases,
  • The chin and jawline / The jawline becomes more visible,
  • The skin shines, burns and revives.

The form is a simple program to use. There is no problem or sensitivity resulting from the application. A program of 4 to 6 sessions can be applied according to the needs of the skin.

3) Exilis Elite Satin Face Lift: Using a unique face cap, ultrasonic mechanical energy and radiofrequency energy are sent simultaneously, and the connective tissue is heated deeply to the surface. By applying a heat fixed at 39.5 to 42.5 degrees to the highlighted area in the connective tissue, collagen formation starts and the elastin fibers that offer the elasticity of the skin contract due to the heat it is exposed to. What exactly is a Satin Face Lift? Satin Face Lift, which can be applied to the jowl, décolleté area and the entire face, is one of the most effective non-surgical treatments for sagging facial ovals. How Does Satin Face Lift Work? The unique head thermometer measures continuously to keep the temperature constant during application. The energy output controller ensures that the application stays within temperature restrictions. The cooler in the skull keeps the skin cold during operation and basically protects the skin’s surface.

4) Non-Surgical Face Lift with Radiofrequency (Golden Needle): Gold needle or fractional radiofrequency application is another non-surgical facial rejuvenation application that is effective in loss of elasticity. It is a very effective combination of deep radiofrequency transmission with micro needles and limited damage method.

  • The use of gold needle tightens the pores and skin.
  • Smoothes the skin.
  • Usually divided into four sessions.
  • It allows us to achieve long-term results with non-surgical facelift.
  • Compatible with mesotherapy and filling applications.

5) Non-Surgical Face Lift with Co2 Fractional Laser: The CO2 Fractional Laser application, which peels the skin and rejuvenates it, is the most effective form of laser technology in non-surgical face lift. It is very effective in loosening the tissue at the level of fine wrinkles that are not developed enough to eliminate facial lines. We have been using fractional laser as a precaution against skin sagging since the 1930s. Thanks to the non-surgical face lift with Co2 Fractional Laser, which can be used safely by individuals looking for a natural face lift:

  • The skin becomes narrower,
  • Appears tense, active and bright,
  • Skin tissues are renewed from the lowest layers,
  • The effects of fractional laser therapy are long-lasting,
  • It also improves skin tone and eliminates blemishes.

6) Non-Surgical Face Lift with Facial Mesotherapy: It occurs as a result of tissue loss, lack of hyaluronic acid and decreased collagen production and causes skin sagging. Mesotherapy, vitamins and strong proteins such as hyaluronic acid Salmon DNA directly under the skin is the general name of non-surgical face lift treatments. Applications such as PRP, dermapen, stem cell in facial mesotherapy are known as successful, non-surgical face lift treatments. Developing methodologies and powerful chemicals are taking mesotherapy to a much more successful level in facial rejuvenation. To list a few popular mesotherapy treatments that also prevent facial sagging:

  • Vaccination against H100,
  • Vaccine based on salmon DNA,
  • Youth vaccine is one of the most popular facial rejuvenation applications today.

7) Non-Surgical Face Lift with Fillers and Botox: As you get older, the soft tissues under the skin weaken, fat tissue is removed and the shape of the bones may change. Since the soft tissue of some people is genetically weak, skin sagging may begin at a young age. The face naturally tightens as the filler adds volume to the subcutaneous tissues. Filling and botox treatments are widely used as highly successful techniques in non-surgical facial rejuvenation, such as filling the under-eye pit (light filling). Another common facelift technique that allows us to achieve a slight facelift result is cheekbone augmentation. Thread facelift, also known as French Strap and Face Lift Tape, is widely used in non-surgical facelift procedures and should not be ignored.

What are the Side Effects of Non-Surgical Face Lift?

After a Non-Surgical Face Lift (Face Rejuvenation) application, the skin may look a little red, but this is normal and will disappear within a few hours. Some people may experience mild swelling, tingling or tenderness to the touch after a Non-Surgical Face Lift, but the symptoms are temporary. Other, less common, post-procedure complications may include temporary bruising or numbness in small areas of the skin. Other uncommon side effects, as with any non-surgical cosmetic procedure, will be shared with you by your doctor.

Who Can Have a Non-Surgical Face Lift?

Collagen, which covers the whole body and is extremely important for human health, decreases by 1.5 percent in the body every year after the age of 25. However, problems such as loss of skin elasticity, wrinkles and sagging may develop. As a result, patients between the ages of 25 and 60 are recommended and treated with collagen filling.

Who Is Not Suitable For Non-Surgical Face Lift?

It should not be used in adults with advanced cancer, diabetes, clotting abnormalities, skin irritation caused by infection, people with serious autoimmune diseases, children, or pregnant women. Also, people with allergies or sensitivities to biological ingredients should discuss this information with their doctor to see if they are candidates for treatment.

What Should Be Considered After a Non-Surgical Face Lift?

Swelling, edema, itching and redness may occur immediately after treatment. After a few days, these symptoms will disappear on their own. Dental treatment, facial massage and strenuous sports are not recommended for a few weeks after treatment. To avoid difficulties, you should lie on your back for a while.

Non-Surgical Face Lift Prices?

Non-surgical facelift prices vary according to the application. Personalized facial rejuvenation treatments consist of various procedures and application prices vary according to the number of sessions. To get more information and choose the most suitable non-surgical facelift application for you, please contact us or do not forget to visit our Yoo Retouch health center.

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