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What is Nose Lift?

What is nose lift?” The question is one of the questions asked by those who are not satisfied with the shape of the nose tip. For those who want to reshape the tip of the nose with less pain, nose tip lifting is among the easiest options. Defining this process will be a guide for those who want to have the operation. This procedure is suitable for those who do not have any health problems related to breathing or other reasons. The main concern of those who want to have nose tip surgery is aesthetics. Having an aesthetic appearance is important for almost everyone. The most basic thing that provides this is that the nose structure has a symmetrical and beautiful appearance. The nose is the most important organ that completes the aesthetics of the face. Because the first thing that catches the eye is the nose. For this reason, the proper shape of the nose significantly affects the beauty of the face.

In addition to achieving facial beauty, nasal tip surgery also affects correct and comfortable breathing. Correct and comfortable breathing affects life positively. After the nasal tip intervention, the width of the nostrils takes on a more ideal shape and breathing becomes easier. For these reasons, those who have an intervention on the tip of the nose both have an improvement in their appearance and say hello to a more comfortable life. Nasal tip surgery is not an operation recommended for everyone. Some features may not make nose tip surgery possible. Nose tip aesthetics is not recommended for those with curvature of the nasal bone, those with larger nasal bones and those with an arched nose structure. The type of procedure that is ideal for them is closed rhinoplasty. Closed rhinoplasty is an operation method that has quite different features from open rhinoplasty.

How to Perform Nose Lift Aesthetics?

Nose lift surgery is performed using the closed rhinoplasty technique. The main method in the closed rhinoplasty technique is the intervention through the nostrils. With the intervention made through the nostrils, deformities are easily removed. There are no stitches or scars in the nose area after the surgery. In operations performed with this technique, cartilage and soft tissue are directly intervened. The duration of the procedure, which is performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia, can vary from forty-five minutes to an hour. Thanks to closed rhinoplasty, which is a much easier procedure than open rhinoplasty, the patient recovers much faster. He regains his normal life within days.

So, in which cases is nasal tip aesthetics recommended? Nasal tip aesthetics performed with closed rhinoplasty, which is a much easier technique than open rhinoplasty, is recommended for people with the following characteristics. Those with wide nose wings, disproportionate nostrils, an annoyingly pointed nose tip, those with a ball nose appearance and those who complain of a low nose tip.

What is Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?

The expression non-surgical rhinoplasty creates a very relaxing effect for those who want to change their nose shape. Because the word surgery can arouse fear and hesitation in many people. Non-surgical rhinoplasty is the ideal procedure for those who are not satisfied with the appearance of their nose and want to change this appearance with a small intervention. If there is no functional disorder in the nose or an abnormal condition in the bone, this method is a very effective method. Non-surgical nasal tip aesthetics, which is a painless, painless and practical procedure, quickly changes the appearance of the nose.

It is not possible to talk about a surgical procedure in this method. The process is completed with the fillings on the tip of the nose and the person regains his new appearance. Non-surgical rhinoplasty is especially recommended for people with low nasal tip. Unlike other intervention methods, narcosis is not used in non-surgical rhinoplasty. The nose tip aesthetics of the person is performed standing up and there is no bruising, swelling, wound or edema after the procedure. The processing time of the aesthetic takes a very short time. The operation is performed in a period of approximately ten to fifteen minutes. After the procedure, the patient can continue his daily life very easily from where he left off. There is a point that should not be forgotten here. Non-surgical rhinoplasty is a temporary solution. Non-surgical rhinoplasty maintains its effect for two years.

Is Nose Tip Aesthetics Safe?

Those who want to change the appearance of the nose tip are wondering about many things about nasal tip aesthetics. Among them, the most curious issue is whether this process is reliable. This question must first be answered as follows. No matter which procedure you are going to have, the first rule to have the procedure done is to get support and advice from an expert in the field. It is possible to sign a reliable nasal tip aesthetics with experienced physicians who are experts in their fields and have proven themselves in their work. Yoo Retouch makes the right application for you in every operation with its experienced team and expert physician staff. Nose tip aesthetics is one of them and even the most important one.We mentioned that the technique used in nasal tip aesthetics is extremely easy and painless. There is no such thing as unsafe nasal tip surgery performed with the right methods. Thanks to the experienced physicians of Yoo Retouch, you can have the look you want easily and reliably with nasal tip aesthetics. In this way, you can get rid of your dissatisfied nose appearance and continue your life with self-confidence. The nose significantly changes the shape of the face, external appearance is very important in communicating in social life. Having a beautiful and proportional face also positively affects social relations. In this way, it is possible to communicate more accurately in human relations.

How Does the Nose Tip (Non-Surgical Nose Lift) Happen?

Non-surgical nose tip lift operation, which is especially preferred by those with nasal bone dislocation, does not reduce the size of the nose. It only provides the correct proportions of the nose, the correct angle with the other organs and a beautiful appearance. Non-surgical nose lift, which is a painless and extremely practical procedure, is a very comfortable procedure for those who are afraid of going under the knife. For those who are afraid of surgery, non-surgical nose lift is a procedure that fills the gap in this area.So, how is this process performed? The area changed in this procedure is the cartilage and soft tissue around the nostril. Filling materials such as artefill, radiesse or silicone are injected into the cartilage and/or soft tissue around the nostril with the help of an injector. In this way, the nose achieves a more symmetrical and aesthetic appearance easily, painlessly and without pain.What you need to know before you decide to have a non-surgical nose tip lift operation is this: This process allows you to have a comfortable life and aesthetic appearance for a certain period of time. For this, you need to repeat this process at certain intervals with the advice of your doctor. If you want a more permanent solution, after evaluating the results of your non-surgical rhinoplasty, you can move on to making a decision about permanent surgery. Some people experience changes in the nose by having a non-surgical nose tip operation first because they are afraid of surgery. If they are satisfied, they may want to make this process permanent. In the next step, they may want to have nose tip surgery.

Before Nose Tip Surgery

Before deciding on the operation to be performed on the tip of the nose, it is recommended to research in detail and from reliable sources about this procedure. It is of great importance to answer questions such as whether the nose structure is suitable for this procedure or how this procedure is done, what it brings. As we mentioned before, nasal tip surgery may not be suitable for every nose structure. The easiest and most reliable way to learn this is to consult experts. Experienced team of Yoo Retouch answers all questions about the process and recommends the most ideal treatment method for you.After having an idea about the procedure, the first thing that comes to mind is nose tip aesthetics price. Yoo Retocuh determines the packages suitable for your budget for the nose tip surgery you want to have. Yoo Retouch, which helps you in everything from accommodation to transportation, food and beverage, and travel, offers many opportunities for you to have a comfortable and reliable operation experience. Yoo Retouch, who is with you before and after the surgery, thinks and applies everything for you. Yoo Retouch is the right address for you to get the look you want with its expert physician staff. You can apply to our hotline to both get a quality service and to benefit from wider opportunities in terms of prices. You can take the first step by sharing an image of your nose and learning what treatment is best for you.

After Nose Surgery

The nose angle recommended by experts for a beautiful and symmetrical nose varies between ninety and one hundred degrees. This angle was determined by considering the lips and forehead and even other parts of the face. Many operation techniques are used to create a nose that is compatible with other parts of the face. Nasal tip surgery and non-surgical rhinoplasty are also among the operations. Expert physicians decide on which method you will have a nose suitable for your face. Of course, the operation technique is determined in line with your wishes.Well, do you know what you should pay attention to after your nose surgery? Your specialist will tell you what to do after the surgery and what you should pay attention to. You must strictly follow the advice of your specialist. In addition, we would like to talk about what you should pay attention to after the operation in general terms. First of all, it should be noted that swelling and bruises can be seen after the surgery, so don’t let this scare you. These are the expected and observed results after surgery. We have listed below, item by item, what you should pay attention to after the surgery. What you will do and what you need to pay attention to can be stated as follows:
  • You should keep your head in an upright position, especially in the first week,
  • You should rest on your back for the first week again,
  • You should not consume tobacco and tobacco products,
  • You should stay away from areas such as the sea and pools,
  • You should take care not to stand in the sun and not to sunbathe,
  • You should postpone going to the solarium,
  • You should be careful not to get hit on your nose,
  • You should not remove your nasal strip until your doctor tells you to.

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