Our Processes

Diana’s Rhinoplasty
Malmö, Sweden

Nose Operation History in Turkey: 2022

Pre-operative consideration: The tip of the nose is low, the back of the nose is slightly curved to the left and slightly arched. Active female patient with thick nose and left-sided deviation.

Operation Technique: Open Rhinoplasty

Operation Diagnosis:Septorhinoplasty

Result: By eliminating the shortness of breath in the septum without damaging the tissue, the shape of the nose was brought to the most ideal appearance and a more natural appearance was obtained.

Zeliha’s Mesotherapy
İstanbul, Turkiye

Mesotherapy History: 2022

Pre-Process consideration: Collagen, vitamins and moisture in the skin are deficient. A female patient with a dull appearance, mild scarring and medium thickness skin type.

Process Name: Mesotherapy

Processing Technique: Mesotherapy Multivitamin Cocktail

Result: Thanks to the intense moisture and vitamin cocktail, the lifeless appearance and loss of elasticity of the skin were minimized, and collagen and elastin proteins were increased.

Demeke’s Sapphire FUE Procedure
Sheffield, England

History of hair transplantation in Turkey: 2022

Pre-operative consideration: Hair loss due to androgenic alopecia. Hair type is thick and hair strands are slightly wavy, hair follicles are healthy, black male patient. The hair transplantation protocol was planned to cover these areas where the anterior hairline is behind, the temporal region is open and the crown (vertex) region is slightly sparse.

Graft number: 4500 hair follicles

Hair Transplant Technique: Sapphire FUE

Result: With the natural hairline, an efficient hair density was obtained on the temples, crown area and front area.

Leonardo’s Micro FUE Procedure
Barcelona, Spain

History of hair transplantation in Turkey: 2020

Pre-operative consideration: Hair loss due to androgenic alopecia, the donor area is sufficient, so a second hair transplant was planned to cover the crown area (Vertex), hair type is thin and slightly curly (6th stage according to Norwood scale)

Graft number: The first session is 3500 hair follicles

Hair Transplant Technique: Micro FUE

Result: The final result is expected after the second hair transplant session (2500 grafts – FUE Sapphire method) in order to achieve a good hair density on the temples and upper area with the natural hairline, and full closure in Vertex.