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What is Outer Lip Aesthetics?

The appearance of the vulva varies in every woman. In some women, the outer lips may be in a state of discomfort in terms of health and aesthetic appearance. There are many reasons for this. To list, genetic structure, rapid weight gain and loss, giving birth, the effects of aging, epilation and waxing are the factors that affect the appearance of the vulva. On such topics, “What is lip aesthetics?” We are faced with the question. In this article, we will talk about the procedures applied to restore the outer lips to a normal appearance and how the procedure processes are.First of all, let’s talk about what the aesthetics for the outer lips are. The outer lips are located in the vulva region, they usually serve to cover the inner lip and clitoris region. However, as we mentioned above, the outer lips may not have the proper shape for certain reasons. At this point, aesthetics applied to have an aesthetic appearance come into play. Thanks to the different methods applied, the outer lips can be easily achieved the look that women want.

How Is Outer Lip Aesthetic Surgery Performed?

The structure of the outer lip is very important in the appearance of the vulva. However, in some women, the outer lips may be larger or smaller than they should be. In addition, sagging, wrinkles and/or lubrication can be seen in these areas. As such, the outer lips are beautified by the operation method. The operations applied for the outer lips can be listed as follows:

  • Tightening with Radiofrequency or Laser method,
  • fat injection or filling,
  • Reducing with liposuction method,
  • surgical method.

If the person has thicker and larger outer lips than normal in the vulva region, the excess in this area is removed with the Liposuction method. In this way, both lips get a symmetrical appearance. If the lips have a thinner and drooping appearance, the filling method is applied. Thanks to the fillings made, the lips get rid of their saggy and wrinkled appearance. For the planned filling, fat taken from other parts of the person, especially fat from the abdomen, can be injected into the lips. Aesthetic operations for the outer lips take about an hour.

Another curious thing about these procedures is which anesthesia method is used during the operation. Since the operations performed to achieve the aesthetic appearance in the vagina are not very large operations, local anesthesia method is applied. Of course, if the surgery will be performed together with other procedures, general anesthesia may also be preferred.

How Is The Recovery Process After Vulvoplasty?

Your vagina outer lip aesthetic operation, which you have applied to beautify your vulva region, has ended. Well, what kind of process awaits you after this point and what should you pay attention to in this process? First of all, it should be noted that the procedures applied to make the genital area desired are not painful. Therefore, you will not experience a painful process after the operation. Since self-dissolving sutures are preferred during the operation, you do not need an action such as suture removal.

You can take a shower three days after the completion of the aesthetic operation. You will feel tenderness in the area for only three weeks, and at the end of three weeks, if you have a sexual life, you can have sexual intercourse. This shows that the operation is not capable of disrupting your sexual life. In addition, you do not need to wait long to return to social life after this aesthetic operation.

Is External Lip Aesthetics Risky?

First of all, there is no extra risk to worry about in these operations. However, as in any surgical intervention, there are some issues that you should consider in these operations. The first of these is the selection of the right clinic for the operation. You can choose Yoo Retouch clinic to achieve successful results in the operation applied for the outer lips. Thanks to the outer lip aesthetics performed by specialist physicians in our center, you can safely have the vulva appearance of your dreams.

How Does the Post-Vulvoplasty Process Proceed?

The most important point after the procedure is to follow the doctor’s recommendations. As we know, everyone’s body has its own characteristics. For this reason, the healing process may differ for each person. In this direction, your doctor will give you the best information. Because your doctor will be the person who knows your skin best before and after the procedure. Thanks to your doctor’s recommendations, your healing process will be safer and more comfortable.

After your outer lip aesthetic operation is completed, you can be discharged on the same day. After that, resting at home for three days is ideal for your recovery. You do not need to visit the center to have stitches removed, as dissolving stitches are used. In this process, it is important to have dressings if necessary. Again, you should not take a shower for the first three days. In addition, if you feel pain, you can take painkillers recommended by your doctor. And another issue that should not be missed is that you should not have sexual intercourse for the first three weeks after the procedure. If you act in accordance with all these rules, you will complete your healing process without encountering any bad results. And soon you will be back to your normal life.

Outer Lip Aesthetics Price

As with all aesthetic operations, the prices of outer lip aesthetics also differ depending on the procedure to be performed. You can get the most accurate information about prices by contacting our clinic. Our consultants will give general information about the prices determined for these operations. After contacting our consultants, you can also get an idea about the process by sharing the changes you want to make. You can also find out what opportunities you can take advantage of, along with the package prices offered to you and other transactions you want to have. You can have the most accurate information about prices with the doctors working in our clinic, after you decide what the operation to be done is.

Who Can Have It?

Any woman who complains about the appearance of the outer lip parts of the vulva can have this operation. But of course, the first rule is not to have a health problem that will prevent the operation. Among those who wonder about the applicability of the aesthetic operation is whether these procedures are suitable for women who have not had sexual intercourse before. This procedure can be easily applied to women who have not had sexual intercourse before. It does not pose any risk. Because this area, which is not related to the vagina part and remains outside, does not harm the “hymen” area, which is popularly called the hymen.

Is there a scar after the surgery?

After vulvoplasty, that is, outer lip aesthetics, which is applied to achieve tightening and symmetrical appearance in the genital region, no scars are observed in the region. Because the incisions here are closed with self-melting sutures. Of course, the important point here is the skill of the specialist physician who performs the procedure. If you choose our clinic for your aesthetic operations, you will not face scars or other negative consequences in the region after the procedure.

What are the Benefits?

The lack of normal size and structure of the lips outside the vagina causes some negative consequences. These are bad odor and bacteria formation that may occur in the area, endangerment of genital health, adverse effects of sexual life (vaginismus or loss of self-confidence), bad images seen outside of clothes such as swimsuits or bikinis. Aesthetic operations to be applied in this area will help you get rid of all these problems. You get rid of bad odor and bacteria, protect your genital health, and do not encounter self-confidence problems. This aesthetic operation can be preferred for a healthier sexual life and genital area health.

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