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What is Palomar Emerge Fractional Laser?

This type of laser is designed for the treatment of wrinkles and lines that appear with the effect of aging. With the effect of aging, wrinkles occur in everyone, male or female. These wrinkles are more visible around the eyes and forehead. Over time, wrinkles create an uneasy situation for people. People who want to solve this negative problem and have their old unlined, tight skin will have a better skin than before with this laser method. Everyone wants to have a taut and tight-looking skin structure. “What is Palomar Emerge Fractional Laser?” We answer the question. By reading our article, you can learn the details about this method and have an idea about which stages you will go through.

This laser method, which has been a favorite of recent years and preferred by famous names, allows people to have smooth skin by taking advantage of the blessings of technology. This type of laser, which has Diode Laser technology, affects all three layers of the skin and repairs the damaged collagen there. As a result, the person gets rid of wrinkles. During the procedure, micro-rays are transmitted to the skin. The most beneficial aspect of these rays is that they do not reach the surrounding tissues and are focused on the target.

How is Palomar Emerge Fractional Laser Applied?

This process, which is a new technology in aesthetics, has proven its reliability with its FDA approval. This type of laser, which is used comfortably in areas such as under the eyes, eyelids, upper lips, and neck, provides a rejuvenation in all these sensitive areas from the inside to the outside. This regeneration not only eliminates wrinkles and bags, but also prevents new formations. Thus, the lasting effect is increased. Wrinkles may occur around the eyes and around the lips due to external factors, genetic reasons, and facial expressions. A reliable type of laser has always been expected to remove these wrinkles. Fortunately, Palomer Emerge safely helps these sensitive areas get rid of wrinkles with its skin-friendly properties.

So, how is the Emerge Laser with all these features and life-saving features made? First of all, it should be noted that applying this type of laser is extremely comfortable and practical. The area to be treated should be around the eyes, lips, etc. determined by lines. The specialist applies gel to this area, and after the gel is applied, shots are made with the laser head. After the session is completed, the area is cleaned. It is possible to observe the difference at the end of the first session. One of the things that many people wonder about the sessions is how many times they will be repeated. Sessions vary between three or six sessions at intervals of seven or ten days, depending on the skin structure of the person.

Who is Palomar Emerge Fractional Laser for?

Sometimes due to the effect of gravity and sometimes due to genetic factors, wrinkles and cracks appear in some of our regions. The misfortune of people living in previous ages was that they did not have the technology to treat these negative consequences. Now we are very lucky! Fortunately, there are many technologies that allow us to eliminate the deformations that occur on our skin. The type of laser we are talking about is one of them. So who is doing this laser or who needs this type of laser? To summarize, we see a table like this:

  • those who complain of wrinkles around the eyes,
  • those who suffer from under-eye bags,
  • those who are bothered by wrinkles on their eyelids,
  • those who want to get rid of bruises around the eyes,
  • those who want to get rid of wrinkles on the lips,
  • those who want to eliminate the lines in the neck area,
  • those who do not feel well with their cheek lines,
  • those who are bothered by acne scars,
  • those who observe tonal differences in their skin,
  • those who complain of stretch marks…

As you can see, the Palomar Emerge Laser method allows us to get rid of many problems. Moreover, it does so in a very safe way. Many people are nervous about having an operation on the eye area. This type of laser has been produced for the treatment of these areas, considering the delicate structure of the eye. For this, the skin is rejuvenated without any danger.

How old is Palomar Emerge Fractional Laser?

There is no age limit for this procedure. People of any age can benefit from the procedure. Although these types of procedures seem to be suitable for those over the middle age, in fact, wrinkles and cracks can be observed in some areas at very, very early ages. This can cause a loss of self-confidence in young people. People may need to benefit from this laser in order to be more self-confident in social life and not to delay socialization. Many young girls or boys may complain of the lines they observe around their eyes. The cause of these wrinkles can sometimes be genetic factors and sometimes the act of laughing. The desire to get rid of the lines that occur as a result of these can be eliminated with the laser method we mentioned. After the procedure, the person feels both happier and more confident.

Where is Palomar Emerge Fractional Laser done?

Choosing the right clinic is an extremely important issue. If you do not act sensitively in this regard, you may face many negative consequences. Technological infrastructure is extremely important in skin care and aesthetic procedures. The use of the right machines in the right doses is the factor that makes the processes successful. In addition, a hygienic environment and the use of the right care products are of vital importance. It will be good for your skin and your health to stay away from a clinic that does not meet all these conditions. Our clinic, Yoo Retouch, has all the infrastructures we mentioned. With our expert physician staff, quality products and devices, we ensure that your procedures are completed safely and comfortably. In addition to this, performing your procedures in a hygienic environment is the golden rule for our clinic. If you want to have the Palomar Emerge procedure applied and remove the changes you observe on your face, you can contact our clinic.

Palomar Emerge Fractional Laser Prices

Prices may vary according to the skin structure of the person, the procedures to be performed on the skin and the number of sessions. It is not possible to talk about a clear price for laser treatment here. If you want to get an idea about the price of Emerge Laser, you can contact our clinic. In the light of the information provided by our consultants, you can decide on your procedure and go for a deep change in your skin. Having a vibrant skin allows you to live a much more comfortable life. Get rid of lines and wrinkles on your face, change your life standard.

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