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What is Pink Aesthetics?

The aesthetic methods applied to the teeth and gums are called gingival aesthetics or pink aesthetics. The purpose of the treatment methods applied to the gingiva is to correct damaged and asymmetrical tooth disorders. Problems that occur in the gums are inflammation, palate recession and bruises. All these problems can be eliminated thanks to pink aesthetics. The purpose of the method applied in the treatment of pink aesthetics is to catch the harmony between the teeth. For this purpose, we offer various gum treatments in our Yoo Retouch clinic.

In pink aesthetic methods, if the gum needs to be pulled or if gum diseases are detected, these problems are treated by our specialists. The gingival colors of those who have healthy gums are pinkish in color. If you have gum problems, your gum color may be red or brown. In addition, one of the most common problems in problematic gums is swelling and redness. In our clinic, the problem is determined in line with the pink aesthetic treatment methods and the appropriate treatment is followed.

How is Pink Aesthetic Treatment Performed?

Many different methods are applied within the scope of pink aesthetic treatment. These methods are;

  • Gingivectomy
  • Crown length extension
  • Gingivoplasty
  • Regenerative


In some people, the gums are more prominent than the teeth. In this case, people cannot smile as they want and cannot achieve an aesthetic smile appearance. Gingivectomy techniques, which are among the pink aesthetic methods, are removed from the gums. The purpose of our gingivectomy applications is to lengthen the tooth. In order to gain a more natural appearance, you can be treated at our center.

Crown Length Extension

In the crown lengthening method, broken teeth and decayed teeth are corrected and gingival levels are regulated. Crown lengthening treatments can be performed for different purposes. The most important purpose is to gain smile aesthetics.


The process of lengthening the gingival tissue using surgical methods is called gingivoplasty. These procedures are carried out by our specialist doctors at our Yoo Retouch clinic center.


Regenerative methods generally provide the regeneration of damaged tissues. In some cases, the body may have difficulty renewing itself. These applications are frequently used in gingival treatments.

Is Pink Aesthetic Gum Disease?

What is pink aesthetic? The question can be quite confusing due to colloquial comparisons. The pink aesthetic method is popularly known as gum aesthetics. This treatment application is one of the gum treatment methods preferred by many people for an aesthetic and beautiful smile.

The brown-toned colors that occur in the gums determine whether the teeth are healthy or not. At this point, it can be mentioned about gingival aesthetic applications. Everyone can benefit from gingival aesthetics, and many people who encounter the gummy smile problem apply pink aesthetic methods. You can have a comfortable treatment process with the pink aesthetic procedures we apply in our Yoo Retouch clinic. After these methods, you can have an aesthetic and impressive smile.

Pink Aesthetic Prices

Many people who want to apply pink aesthetic treatments may feel confused about how much they should budget. The treatment methods to be performed are quite extensive and it can be quite difficult to give a clear price range. The factors that determine the prices are the professionalism and experience of the dentists and the materials used. In addition to these factors, pink aesthetic prices may also change for other reasons.

In order to determine a price, our patient must be examined. Making a plan about what can be done within the scope of gum treatments is among the priorities. According to these plans, prices will slowly start to become clear. A different pink aesthetic plan is prepared for each of our patients. The reason for this is that the procedures to be performed will follow different paths for everyone.

While the procedures to be performed in some of our patients take a very short time, the procedures performed in some of our patients may take longer. Problems in the gums can prolong this process. Therefore, the sessions are getting longer and the price ranges are different. Prices change with the increase in the number of transactions. In addition, pink can affect the prices in possible situations that may arise during the aesthetic treatment process.

What is Gingivectomy Aesthetics?

The dominant appearance of the gums is removed with Gingivectomy aesthetic applications. Gingivectomy is the treatment method we apply to people who are bothered by the excessive appearance of their gums. In this treatment method, the gingival tissue must be intervened because when this procedure is performed, an aesthetically beautiful smile emerges. These interventions are carried out by our specialist doctors in our Yoo Retouch clinic.

Due to the structure of the gums, the desired cleaning may not occur even if the teeth are brushed. In such cases, gingivectomy treatment is applied to prevent damage to both teeth and gums. Our dentists perform Gingivectomy procedures for different purposes. These purposes are;

  • Made for an aesthetic smile
  • To be functional
  • Gum diseases and gum growth problems

It can be very uncomfortable for the gums to appear more than necessary while speaking or laughing. Gingivectomy applications are often preferred in the treatment of such conditions. Our doctors perform Gingivectomy and Gingivoplasty surgical procedures in gingival enlargement disorders. In addition to these disorders, these treatments are also applied in terms of functionality.

What are the Types of Pink Aesthetics?

Pink aesthetic types are Gingivectomy, Gingivoplasty, Regenerative, crown lengthening and Botox applications.


This process is known as tooth lengthening. Our doctors extend the length of the teeth with surgical interventions in the Gingivectomy treatment method. In these methods, which result in the shaping of healthy dental tissues, it is possible to achieve the desired smiles in terms of aesthetics. Gingivectomy applications that we perform in our Yoo Retouch center are one of the short-term operations. In this method, a bandage is placed on the gums and these bandages remain on the gums for 10 days.


The purpose of gingivoplasty gingival treatment methods is the same as Gingivectomy applications. In these processes, we shape the gingival tissues. It is possible to achieve a beautiful smile appearance as a result of gingivectomy and gingivoplasty methods.


It is the treatment applications performed for teeth that need root canal treatment. Regenerative techniques are frequently preferred in patients with ongoing root development. The purpose of regenerative treatments is to place the cells in the tissues at the tip of the roots into the canal.

Crown Length Extension

If the gum tissue appears 3 mm more than it should be while smiling, crown lengthening is applied. The aim of crown lengthening treatments is to increase the amount of visible teeth.

Botox Applications

Botox is another application performed when the gums are too visible. The purpose of these methods is to treat the Gummy smile disorder.

Who is Pink Aesthetics Suitable for?

If you are complaining about the discomfort in the gums and gums, you can apply pink aesthetic treatment methods. It is possible to have an aesthetic smile in a short time with these treatment procedures that we perform in our center. These methods apply to everyone. If you do not have a health problem in your gums, but the appearance of your gums does not satisfy you, you can get pink aesthetic treatment services in our clinic.

Pink aesthetic treatment in general terms;

  • In people whose gums look more than they should be
  • In individuals with large interdental spaces
  • People with inflammation and swelling in the gums
  • It is applied to people whose natural color of gums has changed.

In addition to these, is the pink aesthetic permanent after applying these methods? You can ask questions in style. For the answer to these very curious questions, we can say that pink aesthetic treatments are permanent methods.

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