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Regenera Activa (Autologous Micrograft)

What is Regenera Activa?

Regenera Activa is a revolutionary hair loss treatment based on capillary regeneration therapy. Its definition is the most revealing answer to the question what is regenera activa. This approach uses a suspension of one’s own (autologous) cells to regenerate the scalp. Regenera Activa Therapy is a safe and effective method for the treatment of andogenetic alopecia and other types of hair loss. The application can only be used in a single session. Regenera Activa Therapy has received FDA and CE approval.

This method is known as Autologous Micro Graft Method or Regenera Procedure. Regenera is a tool specifically designed for the clinical use of regenerative therapies involving patient-derived tissues. In the application, the cells collected from the patients’ own bodies are injected and the amount of progenitor cells in the treated area is increased. This approach was developed in response to several clinical trials that revealed a high proportion of follicular cells in solid cells. The Regenera Procedure is painless and is performed in clinics under local anesthesia. Patients can resume their normal activities immediately after the application.

The therapy causes significant capillary regeneration to occur first. Although it differs from person to person, the effects are seen after 3 to 4 months. However, it becomes visible after 6 months. It is 100% natural and has no negative side effects. With this process in which our own cells are used, the scalp and existing hair density are increased and new hair follicles are produced. This treatment allows the hair to resume its normal cycle. As a result, it restores natural hair loss while increasing the density and thickness of the hair. It also causes new hair growth and allows us to improve our appearance. Regenera Activa Therapy is suitable for:

  • It can also be used in hair transplant procedures when necessary. As a result, the recovery time is short. It reduces difficulties and gives excellent results in a relatively short time.
  • Treatment with Regenera Activa can be used in both male and female patients and is a beneficial treatment for both.

How to Identify Autologous Micro Graft?

The extra stress of the cold weather that causes hair loss in the winter and the uncertain schedule have caused alarm bells to ring in hair loss. Increasing hair loss and new hair loss cause many individuals to worry about new treatments. One of them is the use of autologous micro-grafts. A micro or mini graft is a hair tissue that is properly prepared for hair transplantation. These grafts are placed in preformed sections known as recipients. Local anesthesia is primarily used to remove hair follicles. Three to four hair follicles are taken from the hair behind the ear. The autologous micro-graft procedure transforms the collected hair follicles under local anesthesia into a unique cell solution. This mixture is applied to you.

If the cause of hair loss is not an infection, autologous micro-graft can be applied to anyone who experiences hair loss. Hair coloring processes are used to protect and revitalize the hair from wear and tear caused by repetitive hairdressing operations.

What Should Be Considered After Autologous Micro Graft Application?

Autologous micro-graft application is a short-term procedure that can be completed in a short time and the treatment result can be evaluated immediately. However, there are a few things to consider for this app. Water should not touch your hair on the pre-autologous micrograft treatment day. It is also best to avoid activities such as sports and saunas that cause you to sweat profusely for 7 days. Slight redness of the scalp is common on the day of surgery and this disappears in 1 to 3 days. You can learn more about our hair transplant specialist team and our hair transplant (PRP) and Autologous Micro Graft treatments by visiting our Yoo Retouch Hair Transplant Center.

What are the Benefits of Regenera Activa Application?

Many people have hair problems. Many factors such as genetic predisposition, stress, thyroid diseases, chronic diseases, iron deficiency, some medications, malnutrition, use of poor quality products cause hair loss.

  • Regenera Activa is effective in treating the majority of hair problems in both men and women.
  • When Regenera Activa is used, especially in the early stages of the hair problem, shedding decreases and returns to normal, and baldness is delayed or prevented. Results vary from person to person, but it is an effective application.
  • Regenera Activa is also a suitable choice for people who do not want to have a hair transplant.
  • Provides care and rejuvenation of existing hair.
  • Strengthens and strengthens long but brittle hair.
  • Regenera Activa thickens the hair strands in people with a lot of hair, giving them a voluminous and hairy appearance.
  • Activating dormant hair cells under the scalp and eliminating those above it.
  • While it acts as a pre-treatment for hair transplantation, it also increases the success of hair transplantation by using it during the procedure or after Regenera Activa.

How to Do Regenera Avtiva?

After the scalp behind the ear is anesthetized with local anesthesia, three 2.5 mm hair follicles and skin islets containing stem cells are taken. This treatment is painless and there are no scars because the hail samples collected are very small. Tissue samples are prepared for injection with the Regenera Activa hair treatment kit. On average, the resulting sample contains 80000-100000 mesenchymal stem cells. As in mesotherapy, the application is made by injection into the scalp. The application process takes about 10 minutes. After the operation, the person continues his normal daily activities. The effect of the procedure is seen after 6 months. The FDA has approved the application. Since the patient’s own cells are used, the application is extremely safe.

Who is Regenera Activa Applied to?

If hair loss is not caused by a disease, both men and women can benefit from this application. In addition to hair thinning or loss, people whose hair has been damaged as a result of too many cosmetic operations can benefit from stem cell therapy. Hair loss can occur during pregnancy due to hormonal changes and it is preferable not to do this while breastfeeding.

Who Is Regenera Activa Not Suitable For?

Supportive hair treatments may not give the expected results due to hormonal imbalances in the body or the effect of drugs consumed. Considering these situations, the following Prp and Autologous Graft operations are not recommended.

  • People who are pregnant or breastfeeding,
  • In cases with blood clotting problems,
  • In autoimmune disorders,
  • In patients with cancer,
  • In cases of scalp inflammation in people with active infections,

Treatment is not considered necessary. In case of application, the success of the operation cannot be guaranteed.

Is Regenera Activa an Alternative to Hair Transplantation?

This is not an alternative, but rather a useful technique. Especially male patients who experience hair loss at a young age have to wait between the ages of 25-27 to have a hair transplant. During this time, it is critical to slow down and minimize shedding with an effective treatment procedure like Regenera Activa. In addition, Regenera Activa treatment, which is made by using only 3-4 of the thousands of hair follicles collected during the hair transplantation process, is a critical support for both rapid healing and rapid and strong development of the transplanted hair. As a result, Regenera Activa technique is used together with hair transplantation.

Regenera Activa 2022 Price

The Ministry of Health prohibits the pricing of applications and treatments that are in the process of becoming a medical procedure. For this, you can reach us from the main contact information on our page to get information about autologous micro graft price.

In order to be able to give price information about the application, it is imperative that you contact our experts. You can have information about the whole process by visiting our Yoo Retouch health center. Regenera activa prices will be clarified according to the interview you will make at our health center. When you arrive, you will also receive the opinion of our experts free of charge.

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