Rejuvenation With Radiofrequency Therapy

How is Rejuvenation Performed with Radiofrequency Therapy?

With radiofrequency treatment, it is now possible to face lift without surgery. With this method, which tightens the skin, clarifies the facial contours and provides collagen repair, it is very easy to reach the desired youth in a short time and in one session.Collagen under the skin provides elasticity and plump appearance in our skin. When collagen starts to decrease over time; Sagging occurs on the skin. By combating this effect with the radiofrequency method, collagen is re-stimulated and a visible tightening and recovery process is initiated in the skin.With this method, which gives effective results around the eyes and lips, cheeks, forehead and chin line, sagging and wrinkles are recovered painlessly and practically. It is a very effective method for the recovery of nasolabial lines, especially in the rim of the mouth and creating a serious expression of old age on the face.After application, firmness and recovery begin to be felt immediately, but the effect is fully noticed between 2 and 6 months, and continues for years. The length of the effect depends entirely on the person’s skin structure, metabolism and lifestyle.After the application, you can return to the routine life immediately, and the slight redness that occurs will disappear within a few hours.The most important point for the radiofrequency method to give correct results; is the use of the correct device. Since the radiofrequency treatments performed in some beauty centers are performed with low-energy frequency devices, effective results cannot be obtained.If you want to have the most effective recovery and tightened face in 45 minutes, you should meet the miraculous effect of radiofrequency devices.