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Thank you for your interest.

"I was satisfied with the whole treatment process. Thank you for your interest."

Poppy Byrne


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Relevant and Explanatory

"The doctor was pleased with his relevant and explanatory approach. Thank you to him."

Victoria Taylor


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Feel Very Good

"I am very satisfied with your hospital. I feel very good thanks to the surgery performed by İlker Bey. May God be pleased with him. Thank you for everything. He was very interested. Health to your hands."

Emily Walsh


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Being Realistic and Convincing

"I would like to thank my doctor Mehmet for his interest and involvement in this process. Instead of making exaggerated promises for the result, being realistic and convincing him to do the best possible made us trust him more."

Lily Evans


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Friendly and Punctual

"I chose Yoo Retouch because price was fair according to other countries I researched.Everything went well and the clinic is very beautiful.Whole team was quite friendly and punctual.It was a great experience.2700 grafts were transplanted.I didn’t feel any pain during operation and afterwards.I would recommend Yoo Retouch to all."

Noah Mccall


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Great experience

"I had a great experience in Yoo Retouch.All the doctors and nurses were greatly helpful and professional.My personal asisstant Ms.Ece supported me before operation,she helped me planning about hotel ,transports. She informed me about the procedure and afterwards in detalil.I had Fue hair transplant with 3400 grafts.I had some doubts abouts the pain of the operation. Anesthesiologist sedated me and I had no pain at all.For whom planning about hair transplantation,I strongly recommend Yoo Retouch.Absolutely great operation with best price."

Martin Dillon


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Definitely recommend

"I came Yoo Retouch for my hair transplant.They met me at airport and they took me to get my tests done,then from there to my 5 star hotel.After I arrived there,I had many opportunities to go arround to see the beauty of Istanbul and that was great.Next day,they took me from my hotel to medical center,they drew my new hair line.Operation was about 6 hours, it wasn’t bad at all as I thought of.During the operation, I had my lunch there,the meal was greatly prepared for me.Later on, after the procedure was finished,they gave me the pills I should take and the driver took me back to my hotel.On the last day I went back to hospital to first wash of my new hair.They showed me how to wash my hair.I have 4500 grafts transplanted.Operation was complete success and I have full confidence of how good it will look in the future. If you have any doubts on coming to Turkey for hair transplant, I definitely recommend Yoo Retouch."

James Melia


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Strongly recommend

"One of my friend recommended Yoo Retouch.They responded all my questions very quickly and patiently.It was great to meet with the team and I loved the chemistry.According to team’s approach, I could see they have been doing this for long time.The best results are inevitable with such team.During consultation,the doctor and nurses were really attentive,friendly and helpful.Transportation was always on the time.I have 3600 grafts transplanted.Doctor and nurses were communicating very well during the procedure.They constantly asked me how do I feel.They were quite informative about what should I do to have the best results.I strongly recommend Yoo Retouch."

Fredrick Cross


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Thank you for all!

"I am glad that i chose Yoo Retouch.It took 2 weeks for me to decide between 2 well known clinics.Mrs Aycin made the difference.Her reliability helped me to choose.Such a great young lady.She never gave up answering my questions for days, nights,weekends and even holidays.She is honest and full of knowledge.My surgery is done under supervision of a surgeon and a team of assistants.It took total 6 hours.I am very happy with the results.I strongly recommend Yoo Retouch, they have my trust.You will be in good hands.Thank you for all!"

Curtis Small


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Fortunately, I picked you.

"I had my hair transplant in Yoo Retouch.My worst fear was what if it is painful.They told me its not going to hurt at all and it turned out as the way they say.I am fully satisfied from the shape of my hair right now.I digged in deep before I decided,I was unsure at first but you did great.Fortunately, I picked you."

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