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What is Revision Nose Aesthetics?

Before moving on to the stages of revision rhinoplasty and explanations on the subject, it is necessary to answer the question what is revision rhinoplasty. Let’s first explain the meaning of the word revision. Revision means to review and fix something. As can be understood from this word, revision rhinoplasty means the renewal of the nose surgery as a result of the nose not having the desired shape after a previous nose surgery or the formation of some deformations in the nose.

People who have had nose surgery complain that the shape of their nose is not what they want after the operation. A new rhinoplasty operation is needed after the complaints mentioned. The aim here is to reshape the nose and get the person to the desired nose. Many of us have people around us who complain of repetitive nose surgeries. In general, he says that he noticed bending in the nose area as a result of the operation. Some people also suffer from nasal congestion and because there is no symmetrical nose appearance. In such cases, a new operation is necessary. Because if the person is not happy after the surgery, this will make him mentally exhausted. In addition, if there are problems such as nasal congestion, it becomes possible to encounter negative physical problems.

Studies show that 5-15% of revision rhinoplasty surgeries are post-operative dissatisfaction. Nobody wants to have a second surgery. However, some situations require reoperation. Because a nose surgery that is not done carefully can cause negative results in the person. Revision rhinoplasty should be performed if necessary to protect both mental and anatomical health.

Who Can Have Revision Nose Aesthetics?

After answering the question of What does revision rhinoplasty mean, the second issue we will focus on is who this operation is suitable for. First of all, it should be noted that there must be a justification for revision nose surgery. It may lead to worse results after arbitrary operations. To prevent this, a decision should be made with the doctor. If the doctor thinks that a nose surgery is necessary again, this procedure can be performed.

So who can have revision rhinoplasty? People who can have revision rhinoplasty should have the following complaints:

  • failure to achieve the desired image after the first operation,
  • A marked distress, which the doctor confirmed,
  • difficulty breathing
  • congestion in the airways,
  • low nasal tip,
  • nasal tip collapse,
  • incomplete or incorrect previous surgery,
  • Complaint of persistent edema and swelling due to previous surgery.

If you have one or more of these problems, you can have a nose surgery again and witness that the problems in your nose area are eliminated with the right techniques. You can say goodbye to the problems caused by your previous surgery with the changes that the specialist physicians in the staff of Yoo Retouch will make on your nose.

Why is Revision Nose Aesthetics Necessary?

Re-entering the surgery process can be scary for some. However, if it is deemed necessary after an unsatisfactory nose surgery, re-operation is inevitable. Because the problems caused by the previous surgery affect the quality of life of the person negatively. If you do not get the result you want from nose surgery, you may face both physical and psychological problems. This situation may reveal other health problems over time, as well as self-confidence problems. In order not to encounter these situations and to avoid serious problems in the future, you should go for a solution. In line with the recommendations of your specialist, a new surgery can be the solution to all your problems.

After an incorrectly performed nose surgery, a second surgery should be performed. Of course, the state of being suitable for surgery should be determined by consensus between the specialist and the patient. Because some patients may be inclined to want a new nose surgery even if there is no problem. To prevent this situation is left to people who specialize in rhinoplasty. After the examinations, if an operation is really necessary, it should be implemented. Thus, the problems caused by the previous surgery can be eliminated.

How to Apply in Revision Rhinoplasty?

Before moving on to how revision rhinoplasty is done, it is necessary to take a look at what needs to be done in the process leading up to the surgery. In this process, it is important that you follow the advice given to you by the clinical team. You will need to stop taking blood thinners before the surgery. If you use tobacco and tobacco products approximately one month before the day of surgery, you should stop using them. Cutting tobacco and tobacco products one month before the surgery will affect the healing process in a positive way and the process will be shortened. In addition, you should stop using alcohol about one week before the surgery. You should also stop eating and drinking eight hours before the surgery.

Before the operation, our specialist determines the problem in your nose and, if necessary, recommends revision rhinoplasty. After this recommendation, the process of your second or third surgery begins. Revision nose surgery actually carries the features of the first surgery. However, if the desired result has not been achieved in previous surgeries, revision surgery is required. Your doctor decides which method to use in your revision surgery. This method can be open rhinoplasty or closed rhinoplasty. The methods used in previous surgeries are also effective in determining these methods.

Which Methods Are Preferred in Revision?

When we look at revision rhinoplasty, the first feature that we encounter is that it is the same as the first rhinoplasty operations. There are two operation methods used in nose surgeries. One of these methods is open rhinoplasty and the other is open rhinoplasty. Whatever method your doctor deems appropriate for your revision rhinoplasty operation is applied in that method.

Under this heading, it is useful to explain what open nose surgery and closed nose surgery are. In this way, you will get to know the methods and have an idea about your operation method. Open nose surgery shows a later recovery when compared to closed nose surgery. Regardless of the open or closed method, anesthesia is applied. In open rhinoplasty, the skin of the nose is lifted and the procedure is done in this way. Open rhinoplasty is generally preferred for interventions to the nasal bone. Open rhinoplasty is a preferred method at least as much as closed rhinoplasty in revision rhinoplasty surgery.

Closed nose surgery is a method that can heal much earlier than open rhinoplasty. The reason for this is that the nasal skin is not completely lifted in closed rhinoplasty and the procedure is performed through the nostrils. In this operation method, all incisions are made through the nostrils. As we mentioned before, local anesthesia or general anesthesia can be applied in closed rhinoplasty. The specialist physicians of our clinic decide which method will be used in your revision rhinoplasty and inform you about the process. Among the factors affecting this decision, your nose structure and previous surgery are effective. Of course, it is important which surgical method you are suitable for.

Those who are not satisfied with their previous surgery and those who have problems with their nose start to research for a new surgery. Among the topics examined during this research is the issue of where to have revision rhinoplasty. Having surgery is not an easy process. For this, the surgical process must be completed with the experts who provide the best and highest quality service. The specialists of Yoo Retouch clinic are the ones who will get you the right result in your second surgery. Our specialists determine the surgical method, taking into account your history. It tells you what to do before and after the surgery, that is, what you need to pay attention to in your recovery process. You will get your new nose look thanks to our specialist physicians who ensure that your surgery process is safe and comfortable.

Revision Rhinoplasty Prices

Among those who are curious before the surgery, there is also revision rhinoplasty prices. Yoo Retouch is with you in your revision nose surgery. Yoo Retouch, which offers many possibilities for you to regain your new look; It offers facilities such as transportation, accommodation, food and beverage, and interpreter in a single package. Surgery prices may vary depending on the method to be used and the duration of the surgery.

Yoo Retouch makes it possible to carry out your procedures safely in the clinic equipped with the latest technology. With its expert staff in the field, it works with you to achieve a successful result of your surgery. Our doctors, who determine a roadmap for you by taking into account your wishes and complaints, turn your rhinoplasty into a comfortable process. Your questions are not left unanswered with our consultants before and after the surgery. As soon as you decide to have surgery, you start to receive support from our consultants. Our consultants listen to your requests and help you in this direction. In addition, Yoo Retouch, which provides hospital care services when necessary, makes your surgery process not a difficult process for you. In this way, all you have to do is enjoy your new look.

After Nose Aesthetics

The importance given to rhinoplasty before and after rhinoplasty should continue in the post rhinoplasty period. Because the correct completion of the healing process is very effective in the success of the surgery. In the first hours after the operation, complaints of dizziness and nausea may appear. This is quite natural and there is no need to be afraid. Anesthesia given during surgery may cause these results. However, taking these complaints into account, it is important to get help from a companion. You should not eat or drink anything for the first three hours after the operation. This is a rule that applies to almost all surgeries. It makes sense to start eating and drinking with soft foods. Hard foods should not be consumed in the first week. Hard foods strain your mouth, which can also damage your nose. Again, minor bleeding, which is observed in almost every surgery, can also be seen after nose surgery, which is also a common phenomenon.

Again, among the conditions that can be seen one week after the surgery are edema and swelling in the nose. This is an extremely normal situation. Edema and swelling can be expected to pass without fear. In this process, you should not be in areas with dry air and plenty of water should be consumed. Water is extremely effective in removing edema. And of course, another point to be considered is to lie on your back for the first week after the surgery. The head should be held higher than the body. You should not blow your nose for the first two weeks. Blowing can cause stitches to break and deform the nose.

Preventing a blow to the nose is also a necessary behavior after surgery. In order to achieve this, you should pay attention to the environment you are in and take care not to be in small and crowded environments. You should stay away from activities such as sunbathing and entering the sauna for the first month, and you should not enter the sea or pool. When you go to the dressing after the surgery, your doctor will let you know how the process continues. It is necessary to follow the rules and act carefully after the operation, which is necessary for the positive continuation of the healing process and the observation of full recovery. Following your doctor’s recommendations will provide you comfort in all respects. The Yoo Retouch team will answer your questions before as well as after the surgery to help you regain your new look.

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