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The hair transplant industry is getting more creative every day. Since they were first described in 1939, the path to successful treatment has continually changed with new concepts and technologies. It is now possible to have natural-looking, permanent and full hair with the existing transplantation procedures. You need professional help and an effective hair analysis to choose the most effective procedure for you. Our specialists in our health center are ready for this.

What is Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant?

The progress of the Sapphire FUE method has created a strong momentum in hair transplantation technology. A sub-variation of the current popular follicular unit extraction (FUE) approach, the Sapphire fue technique focuses on the grooving part of the treatment, using special sapphire blades instead of steel. This definition is the most detailed answer to the question What is sapphire fue hair transplantation. Safir fue, a state-of-the-art treatment, has satisfied and continues to please countless patients. But how precisely does this procedure work and what benefits does it have over standard fue? Below, we’ve explored this in more detail by outlining both techniques and highlighting some of the key benefits of Sapphire fue. After reading this information about sapphire fue, you will be able to decide whether it is a good option for you or your loved ones.

Sapphire FUE hair transplantation is one of the cosmetic surgical procedures used in the treatment of thinning or balding hair. In the application of sapphire hair transplantation, the grafts in the donor area are collected one by one with fue motors and placed one by one in the tiny channels created with sapphire-tipped blades in the hair transplantation area. Thus, the problem of baldness/sparseness is prevented and aesthetically desired appearance is obtained. Sapphire fue hair transplantation is a treatment that gives permanent results in a single session. Exceptional results can be achieved in small areas as the approach allows more frequent planting.

How is Sapphire Fue Hair Transplant Performed?

Despite its widespread acceptance, the classical FUE process is constantly evolving to incorporate new and original concepts and technology. One of the main reasons why the FUE procedure is preferred. With the emergence of Sapphire fuen in recent years, this issue has developed further. This is an improvement over the existing fue method rather than a completely new approach. Sapphire hair transplantation is performed in the same way as normal FUE transplantation. The blade used in the grooving process separates the two. While normal fuede uses steel blades, Sapphire fue procedure uses sapphire blades as the name suggests.

The sharpness, smoothness and durability of sapphire blades produced from a precious stone draw attention. These features allow the surgeon to create microchannels, which are essentially smaller and more accurate incisions in the donor area. This is very important because the growth of the canals is the most important aspect of hair transplant surgery. As mentioned earlier, the nature of these channels determines the density, angle and direction of new hair growth following treatment. The sapphire blade’s ability to create smaller, more precise grooves can produce results that look more natural than a typical steel blade.

What are the benefits of Sapphire Fue Hair Transplantation?

Although the risk of postoperative complications is low with a standard fue hair transplant, the Sapphire fue procedure significantly reduces this risk. Traditional steel blades used in FUE operations become dull and inefficient over time and cause tissue damage during the canal formation process. Sapphire blades are sharper from the start and retain their sharpness longer. This reduces the risk of tissue damage during canal growth and crust formation. Since sapphire blades have antibacterial properties, they help reduce the risk of infection during surgery.

Fue is renowned for producing natural-looking results. Sapphire fue went even further. Those who have Sapphire hair transplantation achieve successful results in a short time. Thanks to the versatility of the sapphire blade, the surgeon can create more precise and precise micro channels. The transplanted follicular units can then be placed at natural angles and directions for a more perfect overall appearance. In general, the advantages of Sapphire Fen consist of the following substances;

  • Sapphire FUE hair transplant is a painless procedure.
  • When Sapphire blades are used to cut for implantation, the patient experiences less vibration.
  • Scalp has little tissue damage or stress.
  • Because the transplanted follicles have little tissue damage, they stick to their new places easily.
  • Natural sapphire blades used in the sapphire fue procedure provide more working comfort for the practitioner.
  • Natural sapphire blades do not prevent the regular functioning of blood circulation.
  • Anti-bacterial properties are inherent in sapphire blades.
  • The sapphire device provides an extremely fine cut. As a result, the recovery time is shortened and more and denser hair grows in the transplanted area. This creates a great effect even in people who experience sudden hair loss.

Are You The Right Person For Sapphire Fue Hair Transplant?

Patients want to know in advance whether they are suitable candidates for Sapphire fue. During a consultation, the doctor makes the final choice about which procedure to perform in each case. After a comprehensive examination of the patient, our doctors at the Yoo Retouch health center can evaluate whether the patient is a good candidate for Sapphire fue hair transplant. However, we have prepared some general information to help you determine whether Sapphire fue treatment is right for you;

  • Hair loss caused by trauma or burns, androgen hair loss and traction alopecia are diseases that Sapphire fues hair transplantation technique can treat.
  • Sapphire FUE takes donor hair from various parts of the patient’s body for implantation. As a result, it is very important to have a certain hair growth density in the donor area. If the required density cannot be achieved in the scalp just above the neck, the grafts taken from the beard are taken; If this is insufficient, chest hair is used.
  • Sapphire FUE hair transplantation can be performed on people aged 18 and over.
  • This method can be used in people with moderate hair loss as well as people who have lost most of their existing hair.

It should be examined whether the hair transplant facilities have developed another strategy to determine whether they are good, whether they use various and up-to-date procedures, and how they perform hair transplants. You can choose the hair procedure that suits you best in our clinic, including Sapphire FUE. Sapphire fue has a high priority in our polyclinic due to the highly sophisticated and advanced technology, and the most successful teams work in this process. If you have any questions about the sapphire fue method, reservation arrangements, pricing or more specific surgical process information, please contact our outpatient clinic. We are always ready to provide you with the latest and greatest information.

What Should You Consider Before Sapphire Fue Hair Transplant?

During the treatment planning stage, the doctor who will perform the surgery will explain in detail what needs to be considered before Sapphire fue hair transplantation. This procedure is extremely important to reduce the possibility of problems during the operation. The most important thing that patients should not forget before sapphire fue hair transplantation is to quit smoking and alcohol. Continuing to smoke and use alcohol shortens the recovery time and may cause graft failure. Since it increases the risk of bleeding during the surgery, you should avoid using blood thinners before the procedure and taking herbal supplements such as green tea that have blood thinning effects. Finally, on the day of your Sapphire fue hair transplant treatment, make sure your hair is clean and avoid using any cosmetic products.

What Should Be Considered After Sapphire Fue Planting?

Things to consider following sapphire fue hair transplant treatment are critical to both minimizing the risk of problems and ensuring that the surgery fully meets its goals. One of the most important considerations after sapphire fue hair transplantation is to avoid smoking and alcohol intake. Continuing to use cigarettes and alcohol increases the likelihood of problems such as hair follicle irritation and shortens the recovery time. Another issue to be considered is to protect the area where Sapphire fue hair transplantation is made from trauma and inflammation. During the recovery period, the hair transplant area is very sensitive. As a result, it is critical to protect the area so that the hair follicles are not damaged.

During hair transplantation, precautions such as wearing non-irritating clothes and avoiding contact with the cushion are critical. The first wash after hair transplant treatment should be done in the treatment center. As a result, you should avoid cleaning the area until the first wash is complete. It is recommended that you avoid exercise for the first two weeks after sapphire fue hair transplantation and wait four weeks before starting any intense activity. Short walks are recommended for those who want to exercise during this time.

Does Sapphire Fue Hair Transplantation Have Pain?

Sedation performed with an anesthesiologist provides a more pleasant and painless hair transplant since the local anesthetic process is not felt even before the hair transplant. In any case, hair transplant surgery is not uncomfortable and is more comfortable for people who are afraid of needles. This minimal pain can thus be reduced to practically nothing. Sedation is a sleep state that can vary according to the person, whose effect can be adjusted, which can protect all reflexes with sedative drugs, and whose depth can be managed. Sedation is a technique that can be used to relieve discomfort in children during hair transplantation. The sedative may not be necessary and the decision is entirely up to the individual.

What are the Differences Between Classical Fue and Sapphire Fue?

Before choosing a hair transplant method, it is very important to understand the differences between traditional fue and Sapphire fue processes. Fue engines are used in both traditional and Sapphire fue techniques. The difference between the two strategies is seen in the channeling step. In the traditional fue procedure for graft transplantation, steel blades are used in the grooving phase. In the sapphire fue method, sapphire-tipped medical pens are preferred during the grooving process. Using sapphire tipped blades reduces error rate and recovery time.

How Long Does Sapphire Hair Transplant Take?

Treatment planning is required in order to make a clear determination of the Sapphire fue hair transplantation technique. Many factors such as the amount of graft used in sapphire fue hair transplantation and the width of the hair transplantation area can affect the duration of the procedure. With the sapphire fue procedure, 4000 grafts can be transplanted in a single session. Generally, hair transplantation operations performed with Sapphire fue technique take 6 to 8 hours and the transplantation process is completed in a single session.

Can Women Prefer Sapphire Fue Hair Transplantation Technique?

Sapphire fue hair transplant is an option for women. Hair transplantation in women can take place for various reasons. Major causes include stress, hormonal changes, medical treatments, and hereditary predisposition. It is well known that male pattern hair loss accounts for 80 percent of hair loss in women. Male pattern hair loss occurs in the form of enlargement in the forehead area, shedding on the top and intense shedding. This can greatly lead to self-confidence issues. Sapphire fue hair transplantation technology helps women to have an aesthetic appearance by eliminating the problem of thinning or baldness caused by male pattern hair loss.

Can Unshaven Sapphire Fue Hair Transplantation Be Done?

Unshaven Sapphire fue hair transplant is a popular procedure especially among women. In the unshaved sapphire fue process, only the hair in the donor area is shaved. In general, this area is considered to be the nape area, as it contains healthy and robust hair follicles. As a result, it is possible to say that the additional hairs easily hide the area.

The most important benefit of unshaven hair transplantation is that it allows patients to have hair transplantation in private, away from social pressure. As a result of hair loss, patients’ self-confidence may decrease. Preferring shaved procedures in hair transplant treatment negatively affects the self-confidence of patients for a short time. As a result, unshaven Sapphire FUE hair transplant is an excellent option.

How Long Will You Heal in Sapphire Fue Hair Transplant Technique?

Another point that should be mentioned is the healing process of sapphire hair transplantation so that consumers have basic information and can plan their next steps. Sapphire fue hair transplant is one of the most enjoyable hair transplant procedures available today. Patients must stay in the hospital after surgery. After the hair transplant treatment, there is a rest period of one day. The patient will then be able to continue with his normal routine.

Two days after the hair transplant treatment, the patient returns to the clinic for the first wash. Since the first wash is a very delicate process, it should be done by a hair transplant specialist. In the first month after sapphire fue hair transplantation, the crusts are destroyed. The shock shedding phase, which is a typical part of the hair transplant recovery process, takes place between 1 and 3 months following the procedure. This is a complete adaptation process and after the shock shedding, the person’s permanent hair starts to grow. Permanent hair appears 6 months after the sapphire fue hair transplant treatment. During this period, 60 percent of the permanent hair should have grown. A period of 10 to 12 months is required for the desired result of the treatment to fully manifest.

How is the price determined in Sapphire Fue Hair Transplantation Process?

Various factors are taken into consideration while evaluating the sapphire fue hair transplant price. In order for price determination to be healthy and reasonable, the patient should be thoroughly examined. The most important factors affecting pricing are the width of the transplantation area where hair transplantation will be performed and the amount of graft to be treated. In addition, since Sapphire fue hair transplantation is a procedure that requires expertise and precision, the expertise and experience of the physician performing the procedure, the technical equipment in the clinic and the experience of the technical team performing the hair transplantation treatment are also reflected in the price of the hair transplantation. In addition to the services provided before and after Sapphire Fue hair transplantation, the services requested by the patient may affect the cost of sapphire hair transplantation.

In addition to these, there is an intense patient demand for our clinic both in Turkey and abroad. We offer all the comfort to our patients so that they can feel comfortable. You can choose the ones that suit you from the hair packages prepared for you. At the same time, when you come to our clinic and start hair transplantation, you also have the opportunity to stay in a 5-star hotel. In addition to accommodation service, we are at your side as a health center in all facilities such as interpreter service, VIP vehicle service, food and beverage process.

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