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What is Sideburn Hair Transplant?

Sideburn among men; It is very important to define the face form and to shape the hair as a whole. People may be bothered by the unevenness or infrequent sideburns. Forms and personalized styles can be developed to sideburn. The following answer can be given to the question What is your sideburn hair transplant; if choosing for a sideburn bread, some space is shaved between the two ears. Hair follicles are taken using the FUE process and placed in the channels created by planning at the desired location. Since the area where hair is taken from the donor area is minimal, there is no trace of surgery. The hair in the sideburn area is angled towards the face and parallel to the skin. After eight to ten months, the patient will have sideburns with sufficient density and a natural appearance as a result of sideburn transplantation.

About Sideburn Hair Transplant

Sideburn transplantation involves the transfer of hair follicles to the sparse haired sideburn area, such as hair and beard transplantation. Sideburns, like beards and mustaches, have long been associated with masculinity. As a result, men with insufficient hair on their sideburns may have cosmetic problems, and individuals suffering from this condition may decide to have a sideburn transplant to address their concerns.

Sideburn transplant is not a well-known operation as there is little awareness of hair loss in this region. However, hair thinning in the sideburn area may occur as a result of wounds, burns and some discomforts. However, as with other baldness problems, the primary cause of sparseness in this area is genetic predisposition. Since there is no chemical treatment for hereditary hair and hair loss, hair transplantation and sideburn transplantation are the most effective treatment methods today.

How to Perform a Sideburn Hair Transplant?

Sideburn transplantation is done in the same way as hair and beard transplantation. How to do your sideburn transplant, as in previous hair transplant surgeries, local anesthesia will be applied, so the transplant process starts without any discomfort during the treatment. In addition, before the treatment, your doctor at the Yoo Retouch clinic will examine your preferences and the condition of the donor area; He or she will find out if you have any disease and whether you take regular medication. Based on the result, it can be determined whether you are a good candidate for the procedure. If you are a good candidate, your doctor will go to the planning stage when he decides how many hair follicles to collect and the procedure to be applied during the transplantation process. Following this, the main application phase can be started.

First of all, the donor location where the hair follicles will be taken is determined. The donor area is the nape area, which is usually resistant to hereditary hair loss, as in many hair transplant surgeries. If there is not enough hair follicles in this area, your doctor may recommend another donor area. Since the sideburn area is small, it is not necessary to collect many hair follicles. Typically 150-200 grafts are sufficient. The FUE procedure is typically used to remove these hair follicles. The FUE method is a new hair transplantation technique that allows the hair follicles to be taken one by one without making an incision in the donor area. Hair follicles harvested with the FUE process are transplanted to the desired areas with hair deficiency. However, channels are opened in proportion to the amount of hair follicles taken before sowing. Then the hair follicles are placed in the channels. The most important thing at this stage is to sew the sideburns one by one. When more than one hair follicle is planted together, the view is not very encouraging as the sideburns develop one by one.

Hair follicles placed on sideburns are permanent and will develop normally. Since these hairs coming out of the nape area are exactly your hair, they integrate with the sideburns and are visually pleasing. However, if there is not enough donor area in the neck area, the hairs taken from the arms or legs may show a slight incompatibility. Although sideburn transplantation is comparable to other hair transplantation operations, it has different nuances and should be performed by a qualified professional. For this, we strongly recommend that you work with one of our surgeons who are experts in sideburns. For example, hair growth angle is a very important issue in sideburn transplantation. Since sideburns appear at a slightly different angle from the hair, your doctor should definitely perform the surgery by taking this into account. Your doctor applies the procedure by paying attention to all the details of FUE sideburn transplant, and you can achieve a very natural and pleasant sideburn appearance.

What are the Characteristics of Patients Suitable for Sideburn Hair Transplant?

In fact, anyone with insufficient sideburn hair can have this operation. Qualifications of suitable candidates for sideburn hair transplant are as follows:

  • If there is thinning of hair in a certain area,
  • If your sideburn hair is not thick and does not look symmetrical,
  • If you have already removed your sideburns to raise your face.
  • If you have acne scars in or around your sideburn area and require severe sideburn area coverage, this product is for you.
  • If you have surgical scars in the place you prefer and you want to close them, a sideburn transplant will be suitable for you.

Which Ways Should Be Followed in Sideburn Planting?

In order to get good results with the sideburn planting technique, choosing the right treatment center is as important as choosing the ideal patient. In other words, this treatment is not needed in cases where the donor area is insufficient or the desired result cannot be achieved even with transplantation. As a result, physicians or professionals should clearly say that the patient will benefit from the preferred transplantation. When it is clear that the patient will benefit from the preferred transplantation, the operation begins with the collection of the patient’s sideburn photographs. The patient is informed that the operation is risk-free and transferred to the local application room for the procedure to be performed under local anesthesia. The patient is dressed in a gown and sterile supplies and a prepared preferred transport kit are accessible.

In the second stage, the channels are opened to new borders and the sideburns are designed and marked with permanent markers. Since it is critical for the sideburns to look natural, the angles of the channels should be parallel to the direction of the existing hairs. A unique apparatus is used to perform the operation.

In the third stage, using the FUE procedure, the grafts are removed one by one when needed from a specific location that is very similar to the structure of the sideburns. There is no sparseness where it is taken. The excised roots are cleaned of residual tissues and stored in sterile containers in a special solution ready for the preferred planting technique. The roots, which were previously extracted and stored in a certain solution, are carefully inserted into the opened channels as the last step, and the sideburn planting process is completed.

What Should Be Considered After Your Sideburn Hair Transplant?

Sideburn transplantation is a similar operation to other hair transplantation operations, a similar procedure takes place before and after the procedure. You will be instructed not to touch water for three days after the feathers have been planted. After three days, this area can be gently cleaned. After about a week, there may be some redness here. This redness is expected because blood flows to the newly planted hair follicles. As a result, blood that carries vital chemicals for roots to nourish may appear reddish. By the way, since the FUE procedure does not require any incision, the donor area where the hair follicles are collected heals quickly and does not leave any scars.

Hair may fall out after 3 weeks in the place where the sideburn was planted. This is a very common condition known as shock shedding. You don’t have to worry because only the hair comes out and the hair follicles remain intact. Hair starts to grow back just a few months after shedding. It is predicted that within a year your sideburns will settle in nicely and the benefits of the procedure will be obvious. If your doctor takes into account the hair root exit angle and transplants the sideburns one by one, the result will be very successful.

Why Does Your Sideburn Region Get Sparse?

Those who do not have hair follicles in the sideburn area will not have a sideburn. In addition, if the person is deficient in the testosterone hormone, hair formation in the sideburn area is insufficient. The absence of hair follicles in sideburns is due to hereditary reasons. The following are common reasons for sideburn hair transplantation;

  • People born with less desirable hair require sideburns.
  • People who have had facelift surgery experience hair loss in the sideburn area.
  • Traumas such as injuries and burns can change the preferred site.

Does You Have Pain During Sideburn Sowing?

There is no such thing as discomfort during the sideburn transplant process. It is a procedure performed under the influence of local anesthetic. The procedure begins after anesthesia is applied only to the cheeks and sideburns, not the entire face. Since the nerve endings are paralyzed during the planting of the sideburns, there is no discomfort.

Where Can You Have Your Sideburn Hair Transplantation?

We are extremely meticulous about our health; We are doing research to find the biggest hospital and the right doctor. This is something we are all personally concerned about. Where to have your sideburn hair transplant is one of the most common questions we have. Although hair transplantation may seem like a cosmetic treatment, if it is not performed by reliable and skilled hands, it can cause both aesthetic and health-threatening results. Everyone needs to be conscious and knowledgeable in order to make the best decision. The Ministry of Health has enacted various laws on this subject and it has been determined in a legally binding manner by presenting certain conditions that hair transplantation will be done in the regions where these conditions exist. So what exactly are these conditions?

To express briefly and clearly, hair transplantation must be done in a hospital or medical center environment. It has other features, but we can define them as sterile conditions in the planting area, health checks of the employees and the availability of necessary and appropriate emergency response and treatment services in any emergency. Another requirement is that the sideburn planting process should be done under the supervision and responsibility of a specialist doctor. It may be wrong to believe that hair loss is hereditary and to continue hair transplantation without research. If your doctor deems it necessary, multiple blood tests and tests can be done to diagnose certain diseases or causes of hair loss, and a dermatologist appointment can be made if necessary. The results of hair transplantation can be seen as early as 6-7 months. You should stay away from places that see this time period as a chance to escape and make promises that they cannot keep, and it is very important to continue the postoperative follow-up with the same seriousness.

Considering all these situations, it will be in your favor for the success of the procedure to have the procedure done in our center, which has a corporate identity, considers patient satisfaction and safety as its first priority and indispensable, has been performing hair transplantation for a long time, and has vast knowledge and experience.

How Much Are Your Sideburn Hair Transplant Prices in 2022?

The sparseness or absence of sideburns, which has become a big problem for men, can now end with sideburn hair transplantation. When 300 roots are planted on one side of someone who does not have sideburns, the appearance is completely corrected; However, if you recommend that it be done more often, it is useful to keep this amount higher. When your preferred planting is done with FUE, it will be so natural that even the barber cannot tell the difference. Sideburn planting price is determined by the amount of roots to be planted. With FUE, as many hair follicles as you want (meaning at least 300 roots) are taken and added to the desired location as often as you want and naturally. Sideburn planting time varies according to the amount of roots planted. 150-200 roots can be planted in an hour.

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