Skin Care

What is Skin Care?

Skin care is a suitable form of care for people with adverse environmental conditions, irregular sleep patterns, fatigue, stress, hormone changes, eating habits, alcohol, smoking, inadequate consumption of water, sun rays, and long-term drug use. The fact that the person has only a problem does not indicate that she/he is suitable for skin care. Skin care is a procedure that should be done at routine intervals to be healthy and healthier. In our natural aging process, the skin may lose its former vitality. Wrinkles, color changes, loss of elasticity and loosening may occur on the skin. Skin care offers beautiful and effective methods for such situations. Skin care also helps to regulate the skin structure, maintain skin balance, slow down the aging of the skin, and remove dead skin from the skin in a healthy way.

It is possible to achieve the desired results by using suitable and professional products in skin care. Processes such as minimizing wrinkles, removing oily skin, preventing skin dryness, removing spots, lifting, anti-againg applications, blackhead removal, massage applications are performed.

There are five types of skin types: normal, dry, mixed, oily and mature. Applications are made for every skin type. Knowing the skin needs, applying the right products with the right products and having expert knowledge about this subject, it is necessary to get good results of skin care. Wrong procedures can lead to wrong and bad results. People of all ages and skin types will need skin care. The contents of weekly, monthly and annual care are different from each other. maintenance application can be done.

For a general skin care, the order is as follows;

* The face and neck are cleaned with skin care cleansing milk.

* Ozone vapor is given with Vapozone. Skin is prepared with pure oxygen. Ozone vapor given to the skin differs according to each skin type.

* Black spots are cleared.

* Peeling process is performed, in this process, it is a procedure performed by selecting the appropriate peeling according to the skin types that differ according to each skin type.

* In order for the process to pass under the skin, galvanic flow is applied.

* Skin care is completed with mask and massage application. The mask is applied to the appropriate skin structure and under the control of an expert.