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Whitening, correction and shaping of the teeth and gums are brought to an aesthetic state with smile design. Thanks to the smile design, which is one of the dentistry applications, an improvement can be seen in the physical and mental state of the person. Thus, life can be viewed in a positive way and self-confidence can be gained.

Taking care of oral and dental health may not be enough to have the desired smile, so you can come to our clinic and apply for smile design treatment. After having smile design treatments in our center, your gums gain a healthy appearance. Fractures in your teeth are corrected, your teeth are whitened and the gaps between your teeth are closed. Thanks to our doctors who successfully perform smile design methods, your teeth and gums are in harmony.

How to Smile Design?

What is smile design? After the question, how to do the method is among the things that need to be answered. In our center, we do smile design applications by arranging a session program. This treatment method is applied over time and individual planning is made. Before the smile design or smile aesthetics, you should come to our clinic and be examined.

In the first session to be held, your mouth and tooth structure will be examined by our doctors and necessary questions will be asked. Our doctors then give information about what to do about oral and dental health. The aim of smile design treatments is to make the mouth, teeth and gums look healthy. Our specialists in our center deal with many problems in teeth in this direction and examine many issues in detail.

After these examinations, the applications planned for your oral and dental health are started. Applications include gingival aesthetics, lip aesthetics and tooth length adjustment methods. These treatments last for several sessions and the smile design process is completed within 2-3 weeks.

Why is Smile Design Important?

Smile design is made with the aim of creating the ideal smile expression for individuals. By applying these methods, the desired tooth position is adjusted and it is ensured that you look at the error energetically and happily. Our smile can affect the way we communicate in society, and tooth discoloration and disorders can cause some psychological problems. An individual who trusts his smile becomes happy and successful in daily life. A beautiful smile not only increases self-confidence but also raises energy, and it becomes possible to always be positive in social life.

Thanks to the silver design processes performed by our specialist doctors, it is possible to obtain permanent and aesthetic teeth. After these treatment methods, you can have the smile you want. In addition to an aesthetic appearance, your teeth are brought to a healthier state. As a result of all these methods, smile design aesthetics helps you gain an ideal image.

Who Can Do Smile Design?

The crooked teeth, the color of the gingiva and the spaces between the teeth create a bad appearance. In addition to these problems, darkened fillings and some disorders in the gums negatively affect dental health. In order to get rid of these problems, you can have detailed treatment in our clinic and get the look you desire.

Anyone who has problems in the mouth and gums can have smile design treatment methods. Smile design, also known as smile aesthetics, includes treatments, individual planning and applications. Therefore, if you are dealing with oral health and gum problems, you can get detailed information by contacting our center. You can also learn about smile design price ranges as well as questions about oral and dental health problems.

What Processes Does Smile Design Cover?

In smile design methods, we apply different planning and procedure procedures to each of our patients. The reason for this is that the needs and ailments of each of our patients vary. While determining the transactions;

  • Patient’s expectations
  • The patient’s oral and dental problems
  • Patient’s age
  • Factors such as the patient’s facial features are taken into account.

In smile design applications, we first examine and treat decayed teeth and other problems. After these procedures, we decide together how the tooth should look in line with the patient’s demands. At this stage, we attach importance to communication between our doctors and our patients. The procedures we do in treatment methods consist of the following stages;

  • Teeth whitening
  • Complementing tooth deficiencies with implant applications
  • Dental veneers
  • Gingivectomy method
  • Wire treatment

What are Smile Design Treatment Methods?

Smile design procedures have a wide and complex structure and are performed by choosing the appropriate treatment methods for the patient’s condition. There are individual differences in treatment methods. Some people are treated with one treatment method, while others can be treated with several different treatment methods. The reason for this situation is that it may take some time to achieve the desired result in some of our patients. We can list the methods we use most in smile design as follows;

  • Root canal treatment
  • Braces treatment
  • Teeth whitening
  • Implant treatment for missing teeth
  • Gum treatment
  • Gingivectomy
  • Filling treatment
  • Curettage method
  • Leaf porcelain
  • Coating treatment methods
  • Weighing

In addition to the procedures to be applied, planning can be made in accordance with the wishes of our patients. After our specialist doctors in our clinic talk privately with our patients, the necessary treatment path can be selected.

Get Healthy Teeth with Smile Design

It is quite possible to achieve healthy teeth with these treatment methods. Thanks to smile design procedures, many people who struggle with dental problems can achieve the healthy teeth they have dreamed for many years. You can achieve the beautiful smile you desire with the smile aesthetic treatment methods we apply in our center.

A beautiful smile makes you feel good and can appear attractive to both yourself and others. After having such a smile, positive features come to the fore in daily and social life. Our specialist doctors help you create your new smile by examining many features in detail according to the structure of your face and mouth and your skin color. After the treatment is over, you can have healthy teeth with a smile design.

Is Smile Design Permanent?

Is the smile design permanent? This question is asked by many people who have or want to have these treatment methods. It may not be the right behavior to give a clear time for smile aesthetics. There are many reasons for this situation. If you do your oral care properly and in the right way after dental treatment, your smile can stay for many years. However, poor nutrition and poor dental care can damage your teeth and after a certain period of time, your teeth begin to wear down.

Smile aesthetic operations are permanent methods, but it is very important to take care of dental care. As long as the teeth and gums are taken care of, the sustainability of the treatment can be ensured and you can have an aesthetic smile for many years.

Curious About Smile Design?

Everyone wants to have a beautiful smile. Therefore, smiles can be designed according to the needs of people by performing smile design procedures. These designs are made according to the demands and characteristics of the people. We can list the most important factors that we pay attention to for smile aesthetics as follows;

  • Our patient’s demands and satisfaction are important. We take care of the relations between our doctors and our patients and analyze the wishes of our patients well.
  • The face shape of our patient is very important in smile design operations. Because we make teeth and gums taking into account the face shape of our patient.

We perform the smile aesthetic operations that we apply in our center in the following cases;

  • Gingival incompatibilities
  • Problems in tooth alignment
  • Patient’s dissatisfaction with his smile
  • Incompatibility of tooth lengths
  • Gum problems

You can choose Yoo Retouch to get information about smile design aesthetics and have beautiful teeth and get the necessary information from our consultants. You can also contact us on our Whatsapp line.

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