Stem Cell (Fibroblast)

What is Fibroblast Therapy?

With the effect of intense sun rays, our skin is damaged. The moisture rate of the skin decreases, the spots increase, and our collagen and elastin fibers, which are the most important building blocks of the skin, are damaged by harmful UV rays.

We can list the applications that will restore the moisture, firmness, vitality and radiance that our skin needs.

Stem Cell (Fibroblast)

A tissue piece taken from the back of the ear by biopsy method, which is a sun-free,youthful area of ​​the skin, is reproduced in laboratories with special technology. In other words, a kind of cloning process is taking place. Fibroblasts enriched in platelets are returned to the skin by processing with an average of 100-150 cc of blood taken from the person. Fibroblasts are the cells responsible for producing collagen and elastin, which is called as the connective tissue of the skin. They can be used to apply lip augmentation, nasolabial lines, smoker’s lines, scar marks, in short, any area that needs renewal. The process is done in two sessions at 1 month intervals. It can be easily applied to anyone over the age of 30, but an important issue to be aware of is that it is not suitable for patients with infectious diseases and a history of cancer.

Salmon DNA

As a result of researches, it was discovered that the only creature in nature that is compatible with human skin is salmon. The DNA of salmon has the ability to match 99% of human DNA. Salmon DNA ensures maximum water retention under the skin. Therefore, the skin is saturated with moisture and attains a lively and radiant appearance. There is a decrease in spots and wrinkles. The application is made in 15-day periods. In this procedure, where a total of 4 sessions are performed, the treatment is completed by applying 1 session of salmon DNA and 1 session of Hyaluronic Acid, respectively. In the first days, redness may occur on the skin, but after a day or two, the skin tone returns to normal.


It is a very effective application for the spots and tonal differences on the skin. The clay-colored mask applied to the skin surface is kept on the skin for 10 hours. Thanks to its active ingredient salicylic acid, it has the ability to peel off the skin surface and renew it. After the application, the maintenance is continued by using the follow-on cream for 6 months. It is recommended to use sunscreens with high protection factors during this treatment, which is not recommended to be applied during the summer period. After the application, there is a significant reduction in skin blemishes. Since it completely renews the upper texture of the skin, a soft and smooth skin texture like a baby skin emerges. The second session is applied with a 1-month break. 


It is a much stronger application than Cosmelan in terms of active ingredients. Considering the structure of the skin and the condition of the spots, the physician makes a choice between Cosmelan or Dermamelan. Since Dermamelan has a very strong peeling and regenerating feature, it has a great effect on hormonal stains that are more intense, especially after pregnancy. The application is performed by the physician and is kept on the skin for 8 hours. It is then rinsed with plenty of water and cleansed from the skin. The care is continued by using the continuation cream for 6 months. 

Carbon Peeling

After Carbon Peeling is applied to the skin surface as a mask, it is applied with Q Switch laser. The organisms contained in carbon can easily go under the tissue thanks to laser energy. It purifies the surface of the skin and has an intense effect on blemishes and scar marks. It can even be applied to skin with active acne and acne problems. It is applied once a week, in a total of 3-6 sessions.