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What Is A Stem Cell?

All organs and tissues in the human body are made up of cells. Some cells can renew themselves and differentiate into different cell types. These cells, called stem cells, can divide and reproduce separately from muscle and nerve cells that cannot reproduce. The stem cell, which enables the formation of millions of cells from a single cell, can also reproduce by dividing to renew itself.

Stem cells also help cells that provide oxygen transport, hormonal and neurotransmission to perform their functions. The stem cell, which has the ability to constantly renew itself, transforms into different cells. It changes in line with the needs of the body and ensures the development, maturation, renewal and reproduction of other cells. However, as age progresses, the amount of blood cells in the body decreases compared to other cells. In newborn babies, 1 out of every 10 thousand cells is a stem cell. However, only one in every 1 million cells in a 65-year-old person has a stem cell. Damaged tissues and organs cannot be adequately repaired due to the decreasing amount of stem cells with aging. For this reason, stem cell therapy is a very useful method in the treatment of some types of cancer, skin rejuvenation and many diseases. Stem cells obtained as a result of special processes; They are the cells that are effective in the production of collagen, elastic fiber and hyaluronic acid. Applying them under the skin increases the skin’s self-  repairing process.

In stem cell application, no drugs or chemical substances are used in it, as it is an application that is done by multiplying and enriching the cells taken from the patient’s own fat. Since there is no risk of allergic reaction, almost everyone can have stem cell treatment on their face. Stem cell therapy applied to the face has longevity, but how the person looks after his skin also plays an important role in this process. Taking care of the skin at certain periods, using the right product at the right time, protecting the skin from the sun, and not leaving the skin dry also affect the prolongation of the duration of the treatment.

Why stem cell therapy?

  • Provides a natural look.
  • It is not toxic.
  • It has no carcinogenic effect.
  • It does not cause an allergic reaction as it is personal.
  • It does not carry the risk of causing animal disease.
  • It is elastic enough, adds elasticity to the skin.
  • Does not slip from the applied area to other places
  • Since it is taken from the person’s own cells, no side effects are observed.
  • It is safe.

Features of stem cell

  • They can reproduce by themselves.
  • They can be positioned spontaneously in a suitable growth environment.
  • They have the ability to produce new species that are the continuation of these types by undergoing changes with cells of other types.
  • They have the power to renew themselves. They can also ensure the sustainability of their own cell communities.
  • If a part of the body has been damaged, it has the ability to repair the tissue and make it functional again, following this damage.

What is stem cell (fibroblast) therapy?

Stem cells are frequently used in facial rejuvenation treatment as well as in the treatment of many diseases. This treatment, called fibroblast, is a method that regenerates damaged cells and tissues by transplanting stem cells from the patient himself or a compatible or semi-compatible donor. Stem cells form the origin of all structures in the human body. Stem cells with self-renewing properties are used in the treatment of many diseases. Thanks to this feature, stem cell therapy is the most effective treatment method for the healing of more than one disease.

How is facial rejuvenation treatment done with stem cells?

In the treatment of facial rejuvenation with stem cells, a piece of skin as large as a lentil is taken from the parts of the body that are not exposed to sunlight, such as behind the ear or inside the arm. This piece of skin is kept for 3 weeks by performing special procedures in the laboratory environment and fibroblast stem cells are obtained. These stem cells are applied to the skin in the form of injection with the mesotherapy method, that is, with millimetric needles. In this treatment, a single session is usually applied, and 3 sessions can be applied with 1-month intervals.

Can a face lift be performed with stem cell therapy?

Facial rejuvenation treatment with stem cells is an application that improves and rejuvenates the skin structure. One of the most important benefits of this process is to open fine wrinkles and make the face look younger and fuller. In this way, aging is also delayed. Since this process is taken from the person’s own cells, it does not carry risks such as tissue rejection or allergy. In addition, the facial rejuvenation process provides a certain amount of stretching by collecting the sagging on the face, as it increases the elasticity of the skin. However, facelift is a different procedure performed with surgery.

In which areas is facial rejuvenation applied with stem cell therapy?

Facial rejuvenation with stem cell therapy, primarily in the face area; It is applied to many areas such as hands, neck, jowl. In addition, it is a method that is frequently used in scar treatments.

Benefits of facial rejuvenation treatment with stem cells

The most important feature of stem cell therapy applied to the skin is to replace the missing and repair the tissue. While young, there is a sufficient number of cells in the body, but over time, the number of cells decreases locally. Despite these factors, the main feature of stem cell therapy is that it is a youth elixir that increases the number of stem cells in the determined area. Moreover, the fact that it is a cell obtained from our own body is a great advantage.

– Since stem cells produce collagen directly from fibroblast cells, it gives shine, vitality and fullness to the face. It rejuvenates the skin.

– The increase in wrinkles slows down in stem cell therapy. It acts up to the deep skin layers. In this way, an increase in dermal thickness and density is achieved.

– Stem cells provide vitality and brightness by increasing the blood supply in the skin and thus the repair ability of the skin.

– Stem cells repair the skin, reduce the spots on the skin and eliminate the imbalances in the skin.

– Stem cells make the skin look smooth. It also helps in making the skin firmer.

– It is also used in the removal of fine and deep wrinkles and the improvement of pits caused by acne scars.

– Provides healing of damaged tissues after accident or burn.

– Stem cell therapy is also applied in the treatment of hair loss (thickening of hair strands).

Stem cell therapy is a frequently used treatment method in the treatment of skin cracks.

To whom is stem cell therapy applied?

Stem cell therapy can be applied to anyone with unwanted scars, spots, wrinkles, sagging and loosening on their skin. Since the stem cells used in the treatment are taken from the person himself, they do not cause any side effects or allergic reactions. There is no age restriction in this treatment.

How long does stem cell therapy take?

In the first stage of stem cell therapy, it takes a maximum of 15 minutes to remove the tissue from the person. It takes 30-45 days for the stem cell to be produced in the laboratory. The first application is done 30-45 days after the part is taken, and the other 2 applications are done with an average of 1 month intervals. Each application takes 1.5-2 hours on average. After the stem cell application to the skin, the person can return to his daily life immediately.

Does stem cell therapy on the skin have an immediate effect in the first application?

While stem cell therapy is applied to the skin, a biopsy is taken in each application. These consist of a total of 3 courses of injections made with an interval of approximately 1 month. As a result of these processes, the proliferation and activation process of stem cells under the skin begins. It takes about 1 year after the biopsy is taken from the person to see the desired effects in stem cell therapy on the skin. However, the skin can only accept fibroblast cells that have died for 8-10 years in 1 year. No matter how many cells you give in 1 year, it does not change the rate at which the skin repairs itself. The skin takes itself back 8-10 years at the most in 1 year. But this is also a very important result.

Can stem cell therapy to the skin be repeated?

With fibroblast stem cell treatment, the skin has the ability to rejuvenate for a maximum of 8-10 years in 1 year. On the other hand, as the aging process continues, cells die at the rate of aging. But the advantage of this method; It is the ability to give new cells to the skin once more to replace the amount of cells that die in 8-10 years by applying it again after 1 year.

When are the effects of stem cell therapy seen on the skin?

The skin repairs itself gradually. This is an average of 9-12 months. After this period, the effect is maximized. In some patients, this period may be extended to 18 to 24 months.

What is the image of the face after the treatment?

After the stem cell treatment, there is no change in the skin. There is no change in gestures and facial expressions. No loss of expression occurs. There is no undesired artificial image.

Is stem cell therapy applied to the face only for rejuvenation?

Facial stem cell therapy is not just for rejuvenation. It is an application that is also used in the treatment of various deformations and skin problems that occur under the skin and under the skin, such as cuts, wounds, burn marks, acne pits, sunspots, large pores, skin sagging. A more permanent filling can be obtained by enriching and multiplying the fats taken from the person by the liposuction method with the stem cells obtained from this fat in private laboratories.

Is there an age limit for stem cell therapy applied to the face?

There is no age limit as this treatment does not have any side effects or risks and is taken from the person’s own stem cells.

How long does the effect of stem cell therapy applied to the face last?

Stem cell therapy rejuvenates the skin for 8-10 years at the end of 1 year. On the other hand, the aging process continues naturally from the point reached. However, since the cells die at the rate of aging, aging is also delayed in this process. If desired, the stem cell can be repeated at least one year after the application and the amount of cells that have been lost to the skin for 8-10 years can be regained once again.

Are there any side effects of stem cell therapy?

Stem cell therapy has no side effects as it is made entirely with stem cells taken from the person’s own body without the use of any additives.

Is there a difference between stem cell treatment applied to the face and filling process?

In stem cell therapy, the cells that are lost or damaged are replaced by a new one and a rejuvenation is provided with the same structure as the original. Therefore, it is a more effective treatment method than the filling process, the effect of which does not last a lifetime and dissolves over time. However, when a shape change is desired in any part of the face in terms of aesthetics, the filling method may be a more suitable option.

Can stem cell therapy be applied to the lip?

Stem cell therapy can be applied to the lip area, just as it can be applied to other areas of the face. As the years progress, various deformations may occur in the lips, depending on age, as in the whole body. As the age progresses, the lips become thinner and lines and wrinkles begin to form around them. Thanks to stem cell therapy, these effects are eliminated and it is possible to achieve younger and fuller lips.

What are the prices of stem cell therapy?

The prices of stem cell therapy vary according to the area to be treated, the extent of the damage in the area, the number of repetitions of the application, the age of the patient and many other factors. In order to evaluate the price, first of all, the applicant should meet with the specialist doctor and his situation should be examined in detail. You can also visit to have stem cell treatment or to have information about our best specialist doctors in their field with their expert staff, or you can make an appointment with our doctor by making an appointment at our branch. Thanks to stem cell therapy, you can renew the damaged areas of your body that you do not want, or you can achieve a younger and more beautiful appearance.

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