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What is Fractional Laser?

Almost all of us complain about the damage to our skin at certain times in our lives. These damages can be the results of aging, wounds, acne and acne. No one wants to have skin with a color difference or a skin that looks wrinkled or unhealthy. At this point, it is among the questions asked by people who have these problems, “What is a Fractional Laser?” the question is. This process, also called CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Laser, is basically defined as a skin rejuvenation application.

In this application, tiny channels are opened on the skin. Afterwards, the skin begins to repair these small channels. Thanks to this repair, the scars and wrinkles on the skin begin to disappear quickly and the skin begins to renew itself. The point that should not be forgotten here is this: In this process, the skin is damaged in a controlled manner. The skin will already do the self-renewal process on its own. The reason why the fractional process is preferred so much is that this application affects both the lower layer and the upper layer of the skin.

The reason why this procedure, which is used extensively in dermatology, that is, in the field of medicine dealing with skin diseases and their treatment, is preferred because this procedure is the closest to the nature of the skin. This process, which is applied to a much lesser degree than the laser heat in other procedures, ensures the regeneration of the skin by evaporation. After the laser is applied, the skin is expected to heal itself.

What is Tixel?

When talking about fractional laser application, “What is Tixel?” The question should not be overlooked. This technology covers the treatment spectrum of ablative and non-ablative lasers and refers to a new thermal fractional skin rejuvenation system. This device is called a natural skin rejuvenation device, thanks to its compatibility with human skin. In the procedures applied in the ablative mode, deep and shallow channels are opened, while in the non-ablative mode, the heat is transferred to the upper dermis, that is, to the upper skin.

The most important factor that puts this application ahead of the others is the use of natural heat. As in other laser methods, high energies are not applied in this process. This allows us to characterize Tixel as natural. The heat needed by the skin is given naturally and the skin is expected to renew itself. One of the biggest features of this method is that it is applied to every skin type at the same rate. This ensures that the process does not damage the cell structure.

How is Tixel Fractional Applied?

This method, which is the most preferred among skin rejuvenation and improvement methods, is completed in a very short time. The number of sessions may vary according to the skin structure of the person and the problems experienced in the skin. However, the desired goal is usually achieved at the end of five sessions. Care is taken to ensure that the time between sessions is one month. Tixel Fractional procedure, which is described as trouble-free and flawless, allows the patient to get rid of tired and stained skin structure quickly. Its application is also very practical and comfortable.

Before the application, if the patient requests, creams with anesthetic effect can be used. These creams are applied to the areas where the procedure will be applied. In this way, the operation is performed more easily in the numb area. This process is completed in a maximum of ten minutes per session. Laser is applied to the skin for ten minutes and the deepest part of the skin is penetrated with wavelengths of 1600 nm. Micro-craters are formed on the skin. The body perceives these craters as damage to the skin and quickly tries to repair the areas. In the first three days, redness occurs in the area. At the end of three days, peeling and crusting are observed in the region again. These are the expected results after the procedure. The skin completes its healing in a short time like a week.

Tixel Fractional Application Areas

We can feel uncomfortable with our skin for many reasons. As a result, we want to have new, bright, vibrant and healthy-looking skin. Under this title, we will indicate in which areas skin resurfacing with Fractional Laser can be used. Because both the uncomfortable conditions are different from each other and this process can be easily applied in the treatment of many skin problems. The problems that require the application of this process and make it preferable can be listed as follows:

  • wrinkles that occur on the skin over time or that exist genetically,
  • color differences observed in skin tone,
  • spots and scars due to aging,
  • acne scars,
  • acne scars,
  • stretch marks after birth,
  • skin damage caused by sun rays,
  • scars and burn marks…

This is the newest technology for the treatment of the substances listed above. As you can see, this application both eliminates the negativities on the skin and prevents cracks and wrinkles that will form on the skin. In addition, thanks to its anti-aging feature, it is especially preferred by women and men over the middle age. The procedure, which has so many benefits and is applied comfortably, is preferred because it is trouble-free and gives the skin the opportunity to heal itself.

How Many Sessions Does Fractional Laser Take?

One of the most curious issues about this process is how many sessions are continued. Such applications are usually applied more than once. However, in this way, the result will be more permanent. Session applications vary between three or five sessions. The most important issue in determining the sessions is the structure of the person’s skin and how long it takes to heal. In addition, problems in the skin of the person can increase the repetition of the sessions. For example, if the problem in the person’s skin is not very deep and is easily treated, the number of sessions is less. In addition, sessions can increase deep scars and burn scars. But it should be known that the process is completed very quickly and the person returns to his normal life within the same day. In the first week, only redness is seen, in which case it goes away by itself at the end of a week. In this process, the skin should not be intervened too much and recovery should be expected.

Those Who Have Fractional Laser

The common comment of those who have this procedure is that they observe the results in a very short time. People who encounter a lively and bright appearance at the end of the first session talk about more permanent results if they continue their sessions. And of course, the most prominent of the comments made about this procedure is that the procedure does not affect the comfort of life and that routine works can be performed on the same day. This process, which can be described as peeling at one point, not only does not prevent the person from his normal life, but also increases the comfort of life. The person enjoys both a youthful appearance and a beautiful skin with a more lively and brighter skin.

Where is Fractional Laser done?

The right address for fractional skin rejuvenation is the Yoo Retouch clinic, which is almost the most preferred method among skin rejuvenation and rejuvenation procedures. You can contact us through our communication channels to have your procedure done safely and comfortably in our clinic, which has all the technological possibilities, and to get your new skin. The most basic element for such operations to yield successful results is to be carried out by expert hands. Our specialist physician staff applies your procedure as it should and observes the results. In the hospital environment, your skin rejuvenation process is provided with comfort in every session with your specialist physician and our state-of-the-art instruments. You will return to your normal life within the same day and you will encounter the same meticulousness in other sessions.

Fractional Laser Prices

The prices of aesthetic procedures are also of great interest. It would not be correct to provide information about the prices of these transactions here. If you apply to our clinic, you can report your skin problems and get information about prices. In determining the prices, the amount of area to be treated, your skin type and your problems are taken into consideration. You can easily complete your transaction with prices that will not tire your budget. You can contact our clinic for more detailed information.

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