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What is Under Eye Bag Aesthetics?

Aesthetic operations for the eyes are performed for rejuvenation just like other aesthetic operations. The method used to eliminate sagging and lubrication under the eye is called under-eye bag aesthetic. There can be many reasons for lubrication, sagging or wrinkles under the eyes. These can be counted as genetic causes, aging and changes in skin structure as a result of aging. If lubrication or sagging occurs especially on the face, this can make the person look older or tired than they are. This is a condition that adversely affects facial beauty. Thanks to the aesthetic procedures to be performed under the eyes, the person will have a younger and fresher appearance.

Aesthetic procedures implemented to eliminate bags under the eyes are extremely simple and short-term operations. These operations are completed using different techniques. General anesthesia and local anesthesia are preferred according to the current condition of the patient. But in general, local anesthesia is the most preferred method. Thanks to the anesthesia applied, the person does not feel pain or pain during the operation. The skin structure of the person is taken into account when deciding how to perform the surgery. In the next step, it is decided from which part of the under-eye area of ​​the procedure to enter the area. Incisions are made from the decided area and the fat tissues in the area are intervened. It is possible to enter the area in two ways. One under the eyelashes and the other inside the lower eyelid. After the intervention in the fat tissues, the incisions are sutured. Thus, the process is completed easily.

How Do Under-Eye Bags Form?

It is also a matter of curiosity how the under-eye bags, which are seen in almost everyone, men, women, old and young, occur. The reason for the bags under the eyes is the fat tissues in this area. As you get older, these fatty tissues begin to become evident. The reason for it to become evident is the loosening of the membrane holding the fat tissues. In addition, due to structural reasons, bags under the eyes can be observed. Almost all of us have people who have the appearance of bags around the eyes, although they are at a very young age.

Among the causes of bags observed around the eyes, many more items can be counted. These; state of extreme stress and fatigue, use of drugs that trigger lubrication, excessive use of alcohol and cigarettes, lack of sleep patterns, hormonal changes, genetic factors, disorders seen in important organs of the body. It will be beneficial for the person to know what causes the formation of bags under the eyes. For example, disorders in organs such as the heart and kidneys can be effective in lubrication around the eyes. It is vital to know about this ailment and to be treated accordingly.

Who Can Have Under Eye Aesthetics?

If you are faced with the appearance of the eye area that bothers you when you look in the mirror, you can achieve a tight eye area appearance with under-eye bag surgery. This operation is a feasible method for almost everyone. But there is a very important point that should not be overlooked. If the person complaining about the appearance of bags under the eyes is not suitable for any surgical intervention, the procedure should either not be performed or be postponed until appropriate conditions are met. Apart from this, under-eye operations can be easily applied to everyone. The appearance of the eye area, which affects the facial beauty, is important for both men and women. No matter what age we are, we do not want to have saggy skin. Aesthetic operations performed by specialist physicians increase the self-confidence of each of us. Thanks to these operations, we have a much tighter and younger looking skin.

Things to Do Before Under-Eye Operation

Before the operation to be performed under the eye, the patient and the physician come together. The patient tells his/her story to the doctor. What is meant by the history is chronic diseases or eye-related disorders that exist in the person. A detailed examination of the patient who will be operated around the eye is performed. As a result of this examination, the doctor determines which method to intervene under the eyes. Before the procedure, as in other operations, there are some rules to be followed. These rules are that drugs with blood thinning properties, if taken, should be completed at least ten days before the procedure. Otherwise, undesirable results may be encountered during the operation. The patient is obliged to inform his doctor about the drugs he is using.

The right relationship established between the patient and the doctor ensures successful separation from the operation. The patient should specify which procedure he wants and for what reason. In this way, the doctor can recognize the patient and determine the most accurate method. Aesthetic operations performed under the eyes are not so long and challenging. If the patient fulfills the rules, the operation is easily successful.

Things to Do After Under-Eye Bag Operation

The first thing we should mention under this title is that as a result of under-eye operations, there is no scar around the eyes. This affects the decision-making process of many people. As a result of the operation, which takes about one or one and a half hours, the person is discharged on the same day. This situation is the same for many procedures using local anesthesia. After the surgery, bruising or swelling may occur around the eyes. This is one of the things observed in the normal course of the post-operative period and it is not something to be afraid of. Swelling and bruising may take up to a month. If needed, cold compresses can be applied for swelling.

There is also the question of whether there is pain after the operation. It is not possible to talk about a pain that will disturb the person. One of the issues that should not be forgotten is that the patient should lie on a high pillow for a while after the operation. Actions that will cause stretching of the eye area should also be avoided. For example, activities that will force the person are not suitable for this period. Avoiding excessive coughing and sneezing will also be healthy. Not getting close to the areas that will give birth to these speeds up the healing process.

We mentioned that the incisions opened in the operations performed under the eyes are stitched. These stitches are removed within five days after surgery. The person returns to his normal life within a few days following the operation. However, it should be remembered that it is best not to hit the eye area during the healing process. Such a situation may adversely affect the success of the operation.

Where is the Under Eye Operation Performed?

Where aesthetic operations are performed is extremely important. Because performing these operations in a bad place can have a very negative effect on human health. This also applies to transactions under custody. If you are looking for the answer to the question of how to get rid of under-eye bags and want to get rid of your under-eye bags in a good clinic, you can apply to Yoo Retouch. Our clinic is a health center that has state-of-the-art equipment and is served by our specialist physicians.

We work meticulously in our clinic for procedures under the eyes. Our clinic physicians guide you before and after the operation. After a successful operation, you will regain your new look. After the procedure carried out under the management of professional hands, you will comfortably get rid of your complaints such as lubrication and sagging under the eyes. You can contact our clinic to get information about under-eye operations.

What are the Benefits of the Operation?

Aesthetic operations performed for the under eye have many benefits. These;

  • easy opening and closing of the eye as before,
  • a tight look around the eyes,
  • Young and fresh look,
  • moving away from the face of tiredness,
  • restoring self-confidence,

can be listed as These gains create comfort in one’s life. The gene after the operation. and dynamic appearance continues for many years. In general, aesthetic operations are actions that beautify the person himself and his life. Elimination of unpleasant appearances under the eyes also provides facial beauty. When a person looks in the mirror, he feels much better. This is reflected in his social life.

Under Eye Bags Prices 2022

Prices are one of the determining factors in the decision stage of aesthetic operations. For this reason, the issue of under-eye bag aesthetics comes to the fore. As in every aesthetic operation, it is not possible to make a clear statement in these procedures without seeing the patient. The condition of the patient’s under eyes determines the prices of which procedures will be applied. But it should be known that before deciding on an operation, the first criterion should be the right choice of the clinic and the expertise of the people who will perform the operation, rather than the prices.

It is vital to perform aesthetic operations with a good clinic and specialist physician staff. An operation that is preferred just because the price is affordable can negatively affect the health of the person. To prevent this, it is useful to find the most correct address. As Yoo Retouch, we provide all the advantages for our patients in our clinic. You can apply to our clinic for your treatment process and have an idea about the prices. It’s not too late to get the look you’ve dreamed of.

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