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What is Vagina Tightening (Vaginoplasty)?

Before giving detailed information about the aesthetic procedures applied to remove the width in the vagina, it is useful to explain where this region is. Let’s explain What is vaginal tightening. Because many people cannot distinguish between this region and the vulva. When you say vagina, you think you are talking about vulva. This area is actually the part where it enters the birth canal and during sexual intercourse. The vulva is the region that includes the clistoris, labia minora, and labia majora. Distinguishing these two regions is effective in recognizing the genital region. A normal vagina is 10 cm in length and 3 or 4 cm in width. But in some cases, the vagina may enlarge. In this case, the vagina is restored with the vagina tightening surgery method. In other words, the definition of this surgery is explained as narrowing the enlarged vaginal canal.

How is Vagina Tightening Surgery Performed?

There are multiple operation methods applied to tighten or narrow the vagina. The first of these is Vaginoplasty. In this method, tissue is removed with the help of incisions from inside the vagina. After this procedure, tightening is applied in the area. This process takes about an hour. After this procedure, which is applied using local anesthesia, the person is usually discharged on the same day. The most beautiful aspect of this procedure is the absence of stitches or surgical scars. Again, in this process, self-melting sutures are used. In this way, the person will not be busy with a process such as suture removal.

In addition to the surgical procedure, there are non-surgical vagina tightening methods for the narrowing process in this region. These can be listed as narrowing with the rope suspension method and shrinking with the laser. In the rope suspension method, special structure ropes are placed under the tissue. In this way, the narrowing process in the region is applied. Since the laser method is a very practical method, anesthesia is not even applied. With the help of laser beams, the narrowing process in the region is completed. Here we should not go without mentioning this. Regardless, the application of the surgical procedure gives more permanent results.

Who Can Have Vagina Tightening Surgery?

The methods applied to tighten the vagina area or make it narrower are suitable for every woman over the age of eighteen who wants to have this procedure. Those who want to apply this process mostly have the following features:

  • those who observed enlargement in this region after birth,
  • Those who already have a large vagina due to genetic reasons
  • Those who notice that there is an enlargement in the vagina area with the effect of aging…

In addition, there should be no obstacle to the operation. Being suitable for anesthesia and not using blood thinning drugs are prerequisites for this surgery. At this point, there is another factor that we should mention, and that is that this procedure cannot be applied to those whose hymen area has not been opened. Because the hymen region is also a region inside the vagina.

How Long Does the Vagina Tightening Operation Take?

The duration of this process varies according to the method applied. For example, if the surgical method is to be used and the narrowing operation is to be performed alone, the operation takes one hour.

The patient is discharged on the same day after the intervention applied with local anesthesia. In addition, the procedures applied with the rope suspension method, which is applied other than the surgical method, are completed in 45 minutes. Another procedure method, laser vaginal tightening

is completed in twenty or thirty minutes. These three processes are extremely easy to complete if applied by skilled hands.

Why is Vagina Tightening Performed?

There are many factors that require these operations to be performed. The first of these is to protect the health of the vagina. Because an expanding region will be more exposed under all circumstances and will be affected by negative conditions coming from outside. Another reason that requires the procedure is to increase sexual pleasure. Because an area that expands with the effect of birth, genetic reasons or the effect of aging reduces the pleasure from sexuality. This is a negative situation not only for the woman but also for the partner. The procedures applied to avoid all these results and to improve this area both protect the health of the genital area and provide sexual satisfaction.

Does Vagina Enlarge Again After Vagina Tightening?

The most preferred method among the tightening applications applied for the vagina area is the surgical method. The reason for this is that the results obtained from this procedure give more permanent results. The permanence of the non-surgical procedures cannot be mentioned. Non-surgical ones need to be repeated at certain intervals. However, this does not apply to surgical procedures. The method that should be preferred in order to achieve the most definitive result is the surgical method. However, one should not miss anything at this point. The vagina area already has a flexible structure. If conditions such as childbirth occur after the procedure, an enlargement can be observed in this region again. However, the permanence of the operations performed in a specialist clinic in the hands of a good physician is higher. For this, the preferred clinic for the operations should be carefully selected.

Is Vagina Tightening Surgery Permanent?

If there is anything that can be said about the surgical method applied for narrowing, it is that this procedure is permanent. Procedures performed using the surgical method protect themselves unlike non-surgical methods. But of course, a normal birth to be done again can create an enlargement in this region. If you have decided not to give birth again, we can talk about the permanence of this surgery. If you are complaining about the enlargement in this area and you want to get rid of this enlargement, if you are looking for a permanent solution, the best method is surgery. It should also be noted that those who have vagina tightening surgery continue their lives very satisfied with the changes made in this region.

How Much is the Vagina Narrowed by Vaginoplasty?

Among those who are curious about this operation, there is also the question of how much the region will be narrowed. Of course, this depends on the person’s vagina region. We know that every woman has different vagina widths. However, the preferred narrowing for a healthy area is known as 3 or 4 cm. For this, the specialist physician measures the width of the person’s vagina and decides how much to narrow it to bring it to the narrowness it should be. At this point, the life of the person and how much the vagina area has expanded are taken into account. Based on this, the process is applied. Therefore, it would not make much sense to give a clear answer to this question. These dimensions vary according to the condition of the person.

Where is Vagina Tightening Operation Performed?

The importance of the center to be chosen in the successful performance of aesthetic operations should not be overlooked. Because successful operations can only be performed by specialist physicians and full-fledged centers. Yoo Retouch, which fits the adjectives and offers both safe and comfortable opportunities to its patient, is also ideal for tightening the vagina area. Our clinic provides all the comfort for its patients before and after the operation. You can be informed of all the conditions by contacting our clinic, which is the center of aesthetic operations with its expert physician staff, experienced team and technological health equipment. You can also learn about vagina tightening price options and determine your roadmap.

Vagina Tightening (Vaginoplasty) Price 2022

Of course, the prices of the aesthetic procedures we want to have also affect us. We stay away from or postpone operations as much as possible from operations that exceed our budget too much. But while doing this, we miss one thing, and that is the other features of a professional center. The prices of the operations are also important for us so that the region we are talking about has a tighter structure. For this reason, the question of how much is the vaginal tightening surgery, is also on our agenda. Many reasons can be influential in determining prices. For this reason, you can contact our clinic to have clear information about prices. By specifying your dreams and wishes, you can be informed about the price opportunities offered for you.

What are the Signs of Enlargement?

There are many factors that make us understand that the region is expanding. These factors can affect both physical and mental health. Because over time, the person begins to feel the effects of enlargement. This both prevents him from social life and affects his private relationships. Among the conditions that show enlargement and therefore cause discomfort, the following can be listed: the desire to urinate frequently, incontinence, the problem of not being able to reach sexual pleasure, bad smell, the currents in the region, weakening of the muscles in the region… Again, these examples may differ from person to person.

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