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What is Vivace Gold Needle?

Vivace is the system that enables a lively and smooth skin that is free from stains and color differences. When many people want to somehow renew their familiar skin, they first ask, “What is Vivace?” asks the question. In this article, we will explain what this system means and what benefits it provides to the skin. With the effect of aging, it wears itself out on the skin. As a result, sagging and scars can be observed on the skin over time. The system we are talking about has a structure that eliminates this sagging and deformations in the skin that develops over time.

This system, which provides a natural-looking skin with its algorithm, is a product of new generation technology. This system, based on micro-needling, is used to intervene in the top layer of the skin. The upper layer is pierced with the help of these tiny needles and new collagen production is provided. With this system, it is possible to easily get rid of skin tone differences, acne and acne scars, scars and burns. Since it is a non-surgical and practical procedure, it is a painless and painless treatment method, and it has a feature that does not tire the person.

How to Apply Vivace Gold Needle?

The most important element in this treatment method is the presence of gold-plated needles. Since gold is a conductive material, it is the preferred material in this method. With the help of gold-coated needles, heat is given to the top layer of the skin. Thanks to this heat, new collagen formation is provided. Before the procedure, the practitioner doctor determines the areas to be intervened by drawing. Then, it transfers heat from the gold needles with the help of the head. The heat starts to destroy or heal the old collagen to the extent that the needles reach. This ensures that the skin is tightened and the porous appearance disappears.

The pain felt in these procedures is already at the minimum level. However, local anesthetic creams are used before the procedure. The process, which is carried out with the help of heads with twenty-five micro-needles, takes approximately 30 minutes. After the heat transfer to the extent that will provide healing, the process is completed. After the procedure, the difference in the skin is immediately noticeable.

In Which Situations Is Vivace Golden Needle Applied?

Gravity can be cruel to humans sometimes. We feel the most concrete example of this in our body over time. As we get older, sagging occurs in almost every part of our body. In addition, conditions such as acne and acne that occur on the skin also leave marks on our skin. Over time, we get the appearance of a rough and layered skin. This process is a method used to eliminate all these negativities. Those who have recently had the Vivace Gold Needle are grateful for the opportunities provided by this technology. Because this method, which gives very good results in a very short time, allows you to have beauty in a comfortable way.

To list the situations in which this process is applicable, the following can be listed:

  • Sagging and wrinkles,
  • Acne and acne scars,
  • Wound and burn scars,
  • Large pores observed on the skin,
  • A rough skin structure…

In many other cases, this procedure can be applied. The main thing is to take on a new structure of the skin and to ensure the production of new collagen.

Under this heading, it is necessary to include another question about this process. That is, for which regions this process is applicable. The procedure is ideal for almost every part of the body. In the face area, the cheeks and jowl, arm and leg areas, abdomen or hips can be applied wherever the procedure is desired.

Is Vivace Golden Needle Harmful?

For almost all aesthetic procedures, one of the most curious things is whether these procedures are harmful. The answers to such questions are actually quite simple. If the skin-related procedures are performed in a center where a hospital environment is provided and performed in the hands of a specialist physician, there will be no harmful side. This process is already effective in interfering with the top layer of the skin. For this reason, it is not possible to talk about an intervention that can negatively affect the life of the person. Of course, an issue that should not be overlooked at this point is this: If the skin has a very thin structure and is not suitable for the procedure, the procedure should not be applied. The procedure is not considered appropriate for those who have facial paralysis or similar disorders, pregnant women, those with heart problems, and cancer patients. If the operation is carried out despite these, harmful results may occur.

Benefits of Vivace Gold Needle

If only we could resist gravity. But this is hardly possible, at least in the current world order. If we cannot resist gravity, then we can take advantage of the opportunities that technology offers us. The procedure we are talking about is one of the non-surgical aesthetic procedures that help us in this regard. Now that we have clarified the subject of “What is the use of the Vivace Golden Needle“, which is a very practical procedure, let’s talk about the benefits of this process.

Thanks to this application, new collagen production is provided in the skin. In this way, the skin gets a tighter, lively and smooth structure. Moreover, these positive results are achieved painlessly and painlessly after a practical and short-term procedure. In half an hour, the skin looks smooth and flawless. This procedure, which is suitable for use in every part of the body where sagging and wrinkles are seen, is suitable for recovering every part of the body. In addition, this procedure can be combined with other aesthetic procedures.

Where is Vivace Golden Needle Made?

The point that needs attention to get a full and healthy result from this procedure is to apply to a good clinic, as in all other procedures related to health and beauty. Yoo Retouch is a clinic that also performs gold needle procedures with state-of-the-art materials. Our specialist physician staff in our clinic recognizes your skin and starts the treatment process accordingly. After the treatment method that is suitable for you is determined, your procedure is started.

If you are uncomfortable with the sagging, wrinkles or scars you observe on your skin, you can contact our clinic and take the first step towards beauty. Our clinic works with all its might to complete your procedure in a safe and comfortable way, with its specialist physician staff and other health personnel. Your transaction is carried out by expert hands in an environment with state-of-the-art materials.

After Golden Needle Application

You learned that you do not have a problem that would hinder the procedure, you applied to our clinic, you learned about gold needle prices and procedure. Your transaction was also carried out in a secure environment. Alright what now? In other words, will you encounter a situation that will disrupt your life after the procedure? The comfortable feature of this process is; not to experience effects such as flaking, peeling and shedding on the skin afterwards. Just after the procedure, your skin becomes red. This goes away on its own in a week or so. There are also some points that you should pay attention to after the procedure. For example, it is recommended not to be exposed to the sun’s rays too much after the procedure, and to use sunscreen if you are going to be in the sun.

Vivace Gold Needle Treatment Prices

The prices of aesthetic operations vary according to the structure of the skin, how much of the procedure to be applied and in which region it will be applied. For this reason, it would not be healthy to give a price information here. Of course, you can get the healthiest information about “Vivace Gold Needle price” by contacting our clinic. In the light of the information you provide to our consultants, you can have information about our price policy. You can call our clinic and get detailed information to take the first step for a beautiful and young looking skin.

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