What Exactly Is Butt Aesthetics?

How is Butt Augmentation Surgery Performed?

Those who want to lose weight, melt hips and have gorgeous hips are in the right place! The fine and beautiful understanding of recent times has changed. In today’s aesthetic perception, a struggle has been carried out on the hips for a long time with various diets and activities. However, it seems that the trend has changed in favor of the Brazilian butt. Sexy and plump hips became the center of attention again.

Butt aesthetics is a technique that shapes the hips and fills the lower and middle sections with an incredibly smooth transition in the waist area. Butt aesthetic treatments cause the hips to appear larger and rounder. Buttock aesthetics refers to all surgical procedures performed on the hip area for cosmetic purposes.

Especially in recent years, many women want to have an aesthetic and smooth hip, which has made “buttock aesthetic treatments” very popular. Hip aesthetics is the process of improving your appearance with operations on your waist, hips and hips. The primary goal of hip aesthetic surgery is to obtain an upright and smooth buttock. In this aesthetic application, the excess in the waist or hip area is reduced and a fit appearance is provided. However, hip aesthetic procedures are not performed for a single reason. Because some women prefer to be smaller in the hip area, while others want to look more upright. During this liposuction procedure, fat injection can be made to higher areas if necessary.

What is Fashionable Aesthetics?

Butt lift, also known as BBL or Brazilian butt lift, is the name of the process that lifts and enlarges the hips. During this procedure, the hips are cleaned, rounded and plumped. Those who want hip aesthetics can have their fat removed in a single session if their hips, belly and abdominal sides are fat, and by processing these fats and injecting them into the butt, they can have the eye-catching hips they want. In addition, while liposuction removes cellulite, skin smoothness is ensured by using stem cells obtained from fat grafts.

Who Gets Hip Aesthetics?

Women with thin or flat hips who claim that their body lines are hidden by jeans, skirts and dresses generally prefer this operation. Hip aesthetic surgeries are mostly applied to women who are not satisfied with the appearance of their hips or who have hip problems. People who want to have this surgery should first consult a doctor. The experts in our Yoo Retouch clinic can answer any questions you may have. Because they will be able to express their situation easily why they want this procedure and how to follow the procedure for this operation. Your doctor will decide whether to perform the surgery after consulting with you.

Butt Aesthetic Time and Method

The time and shape of hip aesthetics differ according to the hip and hip anatomy desired by the person. If the person’s hip is small and weak, fat injection and prosthesis should be done together, since the amount of fat graft available will be insufficient. If enough fat grafts are taken from the patient with liposuction, hip aesthetics can be achieved without using prosthesis. After the evaluation, the technique to be applied can be determined together with the patient and in line with the patient’s wishes. It can also be added to these procedures if the hip needs to be lifted or stretched.

After Butt Aesthetics

The most frequently asked question after hip aesthetics is “Will I be able to sleep on my butt?” Yes, if only fat graft was used in the procedure, you can go to bed. With corsets specially produced for the patient, you can lie down gently on the hips from the first day. However, in cases involving prosthesis, it is necessary to be more careful in the first two weeks. You will be observed in the hospital the night after the surgery and you can be discharged the next day. Your follow-ups are tailored to the technique you choose.

Is There Any Discomfort After Hip Aesthetics?

There may be pain for a week in areas where liposuction is performed and where the prosthesis is placed. However, these pains are easily treated with drugs. Patients can return to work after a week of rest.

What are the Risks of Buttock Aesthetics?

Buttock aesthetics is performed by combining the prosthesis and, if necessary, fat injection. However, fat grafts made without prosthesis, only with fat injection and in large quantities are not recommended because they increase the risk of embolism. If necessary, prosthesis is recommended during patient appointments.

What are the Types of Butt Aesthetics?

Butt aesthetics, which is appreciated by every woman who wants to have a more aesthetic and smooth hip, comes to the fore with various types according to the purpose of use. Butt lift can be used to improve the appearance of bulky or disproportionate hip structures. The following are some examples of hip aesthetics that may vary depending on their application:

  • Butt reduction surgery for wide and flat hips,
  • Buttock lift surgery,
  • It is hip augmentation surgery.

Butt Aesthetic Results

Since flat and deflated hips express masculinity, a more upright and protruding butt image is typically desired. Fat injection and “butt enlargement” provide a moving and upright butt look. It is met with the reaction of “I want to wear pants”, which is the common concern of the patients. It has been observed that those who have hip aesthetics are more involved in social life and their self-confidence has increased. As a result, the results obtained in individuals who had hip filling made it one of the most enjoyable aesthetic surgical procedures.