What is the French Hanger and How is it Applied?

What is a French Hanger?

The French Strap technique is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure and a type of face lift – rejuvenation developed in France, which includes a face lift using flexible threads made of polyester inside and silicone outside. Face-skin lifting methods determined by the suspension method are well known among the new cosmetic applications and attract attention due to the result of the procedure. Today, how this technique is done in famous names is often seen on social media.

Surgical techniques used to remove the aged appearance provide lasting results that will be used for many years, but the cost and long recovery times cause patients to reconsider. Even though non-surgical techniques are offered as an alternative because they do not give permanent results, people often choose non-surgical methods.

What Exactly Is a French Strap?

The French Hander is the term given to a type of non-surgical rejuvenation treatment; The procedure is based on the thread facelift process. Facial skin lifting methods determined by the suspension method are well known among new cosmetic applications and attract attention due to the result of the procedure. Today, you may have seen this process done with well-known names.

How to Make a French Hanger

Dynamic lifts are performed between 45 minutes and 1 hour under local anesthesia. The areas to be examined in the application area are determined by pre-operative control and the threads are placed under the skin with the application of the physician. Because it is preferred that the fixing place of the thread is on the head (over the ear). The process is completed without the use of stitches. Pain relievers can be used to treat any post-procedure inflammation. It is a process that can be continued simply in daily life after the application. It is not a difficult or long process.

Things to Know Before Having a French Hanger

The French Lift is a non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedure that involves threading under the skin’s surface to elevate the tissue below the skin’s surface. The threads may be surrounded by small spines or cones that help grip the skin. When used correctly, they can give your face a more lifted and toned look. This is especially seen around the lower face and jowl. During the first six months, the threads create an increase in your natural collagen synthesis. This increases the firmness of your skin after the operation. Because it is less invasive and involves fewer incisions than a surgical facelift, the method has earned the nickname “lunchtime facelift”. It is a quick and simple solution to the inevitable sagging caused by age.

Usage Areas of French Straps

French Rope Strap Treatment can be used on the following body parts; It is effective in the treatment of facial and body sagging (with aging). The following conditions can be treated:

 In the Face Area;

  • Cheeks
  • Cheekbones,
  • Under the chin,
  • Oval face areas,
  • Eyebrows
  • Neck

In the Body Area;

  • Breasts,
  • Arms,
  • Hips (Butts)
  • Legs

Advantages of French Hanger

The French Hanger is used in a way that does not spoil the natural image and is not visible from the outside. It removes deep lines and sagging. As a result, the picture that makes the individual unhappy disappears. The method is used without leaving any stitch marks. It is applied safely, painlessly and comfortably. Since it is performed under local anesthesia, you can continue your social life immediately without a break. There is no possibility of infection. It is also particularly effective in sagging caused by gravity, providing an upward thrust thanks to the suspension effect.

  • The French Hanger can be used on both men and women and can be used on all patients aged 35-70 when necessary.
  • The French Hanger (Strap), which is a non-surgical aesthetic type, does not leave any traces, it is not an operation that leaves any traces on the skin.
  • Hospitalization, etc., as it is not performed under general anesthesia. situations are not needed.
  • Unnatural appearance deterioration does not occur in changes in mimics, and similar suspension approaches can be used when relaxation is felt.
  • Treatment is almost painless and simple when performed under local anesthesia.
  • Normal recovery time varies between 2 days and 2 weeks.

How Many Sessions Should the French Hanger Be Completed?

Although it varies according to the patient’s health, a single session is usually sufficient. It can be repeated after five years if desired.

Does the French Strap Reduce the Effect of Aging?

Although most of the comments seem to be in this direction, it should not be forgotten that no surgery can stop aging, but it can be an alternative for you to age better.

Risks and Side Effects of the French Belt

  • The threads used in the treatment are completely skin compatible. As a result, the threads have no negative effects. However, using French Suspension ropes has a positive effect.
  • There are relatively few side effects after the procedure and it is possible to return to normal life the next day. Skin stiffness, edema, and bruising are other common symptoms. These symptoms disappear quickly.
  • Sometimes there is bleeding on the skin. It appears as a result of compression and disappears after a few days. After surgery, doctors often prescribe antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs or analgesics. Skin folds disappear a few days after surgery, depending on the degree of stretching. After each operation, our specialists at the Yoo Retouch clinic instruct the patient to come for the control one week later.

French Hanger Prices

For the treatment, the patient’s condition, the number of threads to be used, the duration of the procedure, etc. Transaction pricing is determined by analyzing conditions. Due to legal restrictions, price information cannot be given. You can get detailed information from our Yoo Retouch health center for French hanger prices.

Is the French Hanger the Right Choice for You?

It is an excellent application model for both men and women who want to revive their face but do not want to have surgery. This treatment, which is an alternative to a surgical facelift, allows the aging process to be delayed and the skin to be tightened. French Lift is a treatment procedure that can be applied to individuals with partial facial paralysis who are not satisfied with their facial expression, have sagging and wrinkles on the skin surface. Since the substance used is physiologically friendly, it can last for many years under the skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Surgery Cause Unbearable Pain?

The surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia and an appropriate sedative may be administered if the patient is extremely anxious. The treatment is almost painless. There is no discomfort during the thread planting and the process is shorter than expected.

How long can the threads stay attached to the body?

Suspension is extremely pleasant and safe. Dynamic threads, unlike other absorbable threads, can survive 5 to 10 years depending on the environment. However, ropes with an average strength of 2 years are recommended.

Are French Suspenders Dangerous?

The threads have been used in implant surgery for over 50 years and are completely biocompatible.

Is Sillicon Formation of Threads Dangerous?

Silicone has been used in medical treatments for a long time. The silicone used in dynamic thread is a solid silicone used in medical applications that are not dependent on liquid silicone. For all these reasons, it is extremely safe.

What are the Results of the Process?

The stretching process takes place instantly and has no effect on the natural appearance of the face. As a result, it gets better over time. The time it takes for the connective tissue to mature 2 months after treatment gives the best results.

What Factors Affect the Cost of the French Strap Process?

The cost of the treatment is determined by the width of the area to be treated and the resulting amount of thread used. After the initial assessment, the doctor can inform the patient about the total cost of the treatment. Pricing may vary depending on the amount of thread used, the treating doctor and the location of the clinic.

Are You Using the French Strap Method?

Since the French hanger has silicone-based threads, it can respond with the most up-to-date information inside the body. In such cases, the thread can almost always be surgically removed. As a result, Aptos and 6d brand yarns are used instead of French hangers (threads used in the process). It usually takes two years and the cost may vary depending on the transaction situation. Contact our Yoo Retouch specialists for diagnosis and treatment.