What Should Be Considered After BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) Surgery?

What Should Be Considered After BBL Surgery?

What should be considered after Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, what should be done after the surgery? You can find it in our before and after article.

After BBL Surgery

There are rules that must be followed following BBL surgery.

  • There is no need to take a shower for the first three days following the procedure.
  • You should wear a BBL corset for at least 12 weeks after surgery (your doctor will talk to you about this process). After 12 weeks, you will discard your old corset and continue to use the Columbia Corset for 3 months.
  • Try to resume your normal activities on the third day after the procedure. Walks should be planned, even if they are short. You can do these walks in your room or in the halls of the hotel you are staying at. The hotel you will stay in Turkey for BBL surgery should also be suitable for this.
  • If you feel pain and discomfort, there is no risk in using painkillers.
  • You should take the prescription your doctor wrote to you as soon as possible and start using it.
  • Swelling and bruises on the buttocks are common after surgery and are completely normal. It will disappear over time as part of the healing process.
  • You should pay attention to your sitting position after butt lift surgery. Sitting with the BBL cushion prevents you from sitting directly on the hip, preventing any negative situation that may occur during the fat transfer process.
  • Avoid putting pressure on the hips as much as possible.
  • From the third day, your lying position should be prone. This position can be challenging as you have resistors. However, you should still try to sleep in this position. If you are uncomfortable or if it becomes too difficult, you can continue to sleep on your back.
  • You should drink at least 3 liters of water every day after Bbl surgery. Water consumption is very important in eliminating edema in the body.
  • Another issue to consider after BBL Buttock surgery is weight gain and loss. You should stay at a stable weight. The reason for this is that in cases of weight gain and loss, the adhesion of donor fat cells is not damaged and allows you to achieve the efficient result you desire from your surgery.
  • According to the comments of those who have had BBL surgery, there may be minor temporary differences in the healing process. You should avoid brisk walks and heavy sports for the time being.
  • After butt lift, you will not have cosmetic problems such as cellulite, as the oils will be evenly distributed throughout your body.
  • BBL surgery is paired with liposuction surgery in Turkey. The fat in the back, belly and hip areas is removed as much as possible. Because of this situation, lipo massages after bbl surgery are really important.
  • When you return to your country, you should arrange a drainage massage followed by a lipo massage. Yoo Retouch Travel organization staff will assist you in this regard.
  • Elimination of edema and swelling in the body completely depends on your eating, walking and massage program. If these criteria are followed, the final desired state is reached within 6 to 10 months.

What Exactly Is BBL Surgery?

When it comes to what is BBL surgery, the following explanations are usually made; It is a body aesthetic procedure performed to reshape the buttock, which has lost its original shape for different reasons, is larger or smaller than normal, and has a bad aesthetic appearance. Men like curvy hips just as much as women. The number of men who have BBL surgery is increasing every year. Women who have undergone BBL surgery in Turkey have become a highly sought-after aesthetic in social media, which is always at our fingertips, like women’s clubs.

Those who have BBL surgery state that they are very satisfied with their new body shape and that they have almost opened a new page in their lives. Advice for BBL surgery, satisfaction videos, and images before and after BBL surgery are all used to increase a person’s confidence in having this surgery. Buttock augmentation can be achieved with fat injection or silicone injection (implant).

Differences Between Bbl Surgery and Silicone Prosthesis

A significant advantage is that Brazilian hip surgery does not require implants (silicone hip replacement). Brazilian Buttock (BBL) Surgery is an extremely natural-looking procedure with visible results. However, if the person is extremely thin, the fat removed from the body may be insufficient and the only approach to achieve the desired size growth may be a silicone hip prosthesis. Silicone Buttock Prostheses may be a suitable alternative for some individuals; however, it is very important to consider the additional dangers of implants (hip prostheses) such as capsular contracture and increased risk of infection. Hip implants can look less natural than professional Brazilian Hip (BBL) Surgery.

What are the Benefits of BBL Surgery?

  • It shapes your lower body lines.
  • It gives more fullness to your hips, reduces the fat on your hips or abdomen and shapes your body.
  • It makes the clothes fit the body more attractively.
  • Flat hips project, providing a younger, more visually appealing appearance.
  • It helps to re-establish the balance between your upper and lower bodies.

What Are the Risks of Bbl Surgery?

Brazilian hip surgery (Brazilian Butt Lift) may be less risky than other procedures such as silicone hip replacements. However, as with any operation, there is the possibility of major side effects. These can be listed as follows;

  • Infection,
  • Subcutaneous lumps at the injection sites,
  • Skin loss in treated areas as a result of deep infection,
  • Fat embolism in the heart or lungs, which is potentially fatal,
  • A second session may be required due to excessive melting of the fat in the injected areas.

Of course, these situations are risks that are seen on very few people.

Fat Injection Buttock Augmentation in Turkey

Buttock augmentation with fat injection is a very common treatment method in Turkey. Liposuction and injections are used to remove excess fat from areas such as hips and hips. One of the benefits of this process is that you have a thin waist as the fat in the waist can be removed.

BBL Surgery Prices in Turkey

The cost of the BBL (Brazilian Buttock Lift) operation in Turkey is not predetermined. The cost depends on the patient’s needs, the shape of his body, and the type of surgical operation chosen with the doctor. BBL surgery prices are widely searched on sites such as women’s clubs. Please contact us to get price information and to have more detailed information. Our experts in our Yoo Retouch clinic will answer all your questions.